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Topic: Getting ahold of that Tykerb!

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Posted on: Aug 16, 2007 12:34PM

Kasey wrote:

What a hassle getting the tykerb. I don't know why my Onc thought I could get it at the pharmacy but that didn't work. So now we have to get it through the mail. Anyone know how long that takes and do you have to order it every month? What about the insurance, will they pay for all of it since its not one of my listed pharmacies? Geesh, if its not one thing its another...

Mets in liver, lungs, bones and chest nodes. Dx 2/25/2007, Stage IV, Grade 3, mets, ER-/PR-, HER2-
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Aug 16, 2007 01:37PM Anita1969 wrote:

I got mine filled at the hospital pharmacy. I was afraid that the local grocery store or drug store wouldn't carry such a drug. My insurance paid for all but $40. Mine was expensive $2158.13 w/o ins.


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Aug 16, 2007 02:51PM cneal318 wrote:

Kasey my mother is on Tykerb she Aetna insurance and It had to mailed from the Specialty Pharmacy at Aetna. Her copay is $50.00 for a months supply, she gets it really quick and it is delivered by UPS. It usually takes a day or two to arrive at her house. Just Like Anita said it is very expensive without insurance.

Good Luck!

Hugs Crystal
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Aug 17, 2007 02:03AM EstherCA wrote:

Tykerb is available only through select specialty pharmacies. Alot of the time that is through the mail. Your onc faxes in a form to the Tykerb Cares program, then a nurse calls you from there to ask you questions. They check insurance coverage, and tell you where you will get your supply from. Then it gets passed on to the pharmacy.

It took about 10 days to receive my first supply of Tykerb after the onc faxed in the form to Tykerb Cares. You have to call and order a new supply every month.

My insurance, United Healthcare has a $40 co-pay with Tykerb.

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