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Topic: PET Scan results tomorrow

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Posted on: Aug 29, 2007 11:47AM

sandeefeet wrote:

Hi Everyone, My mom goes to the Dr. tomorrow to get her recent PET Scan results. She received kind of vague results about her bone biopsy so she's made the appt. with the Dr. to get all these results face to face. We know the cancer is back in 5 different spots, hip, lower back, two spots on ribs and liver. Since the breast cancer and chemo they've changed her meds a couple times. She's taking the TAMOXIFIN now. She's not sure what questions to ask tomorrow. Can you guys help?

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Aug 29, 2007 12:23PM jacqniel wrote:

I'm sorry about your mom's results. She is being very proactive to have scheduled this appointment. This is such a scary time for her.

Things she should ask:
What is her hormone and HER2 status. This will effect her treatment. If she is hormone + she will have the hormone inhibitors to use first, which are easier on the body than going straight to chemo.
Request a bone strengthener like Aredia, Zometa, etc. It also helps with pain.
If she is having pain that interfers with her ability to function, request pain medications. There are many options.
Make sure your mom's onc has a positive attitude - that he/she considers this a chronic disease and not an immediate death sentence. If not - start looking for someone new.

Hope these are helpful! Hugs, Jacque

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