Topic: How are people with liver mets doing?

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Posted on: Aug 16, 2013 04:02PM

Posted on: Aug 16, 2013 04:02PM

blondie1 wrote:

I continue to be very scared once I found my liver mets progressed after having to go off doxil. I am hoping to find some support in alleviating my deep seated fears by hearing other stories of people living and dealing with liver mets. My onc says I have such a petite frame (105) that an enlarged liver will definitely cause me some pain until chemo takes care of it.

How are others doing and getting through this with a positive attitude?

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Oct 27, 2017 08:56AM annie70 wrote:


Yesterday was the start of my 8th month of weekly Taxol. I too am older (old, really). I do have some neuropathy but for me it is quite manageable; some tingling in my fingers and some numbness in my feet. My MO suggested I take Alpha Lipoic Acid and Gabapentin to help with the symptoms. I sometimes have fleeting strange sensations in the days right after infusion but nothing that I would characterize as strong tingling. The Weekly Taxol for Stage 4 has a lot of very good info. I'm sure the ladies there would have a lot of good suggestions for you. Please do not lose hope.

I have not posted on this or the Weekly Taxol thread before today. I have read all of the posts on both threads and am so very impressed with the courage, knowledge and compassion you all have shared. My heart goes out to those ofyou who are so young.

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Oct 27, 2017 12:39PM momallthetime wrote:

Zar that's really fascinating. Good for you that now you could help this along, and stay a shorter time away. You are really a Historical figure. Thanks for your prayers.

Hi Lindalou, I've been taking more ambien than usual, but it's better than staying up in the middle of the night. With this new horrendous issue, we are like Really??? The phone is always next to me, but now the anxiety level is raised. What did they you, in your case why do the Hemangiomas come in the first place?

Shetland – Grannax aww you guys – you make me cry how wonderful you all are.

Lisbet you are trying so hard in a place that does not seem equipped to help you. Kudos to you, with good wishes for you find the right formula for you.

SylviaA you are all exceptional ppl.

I read this article about a young doctor, Dr. Pamela Munster, she is a radiologist, and after her mamo she got "the call". Long story short she says–"Doctors live in a world of statistics and probabilities and we often use numbers to reassure patients. These numbers feel very different when it is your cancer". My new Bible, I think I'm ripping the page and kinda glue it to my face in every visit, reminding docs that "patients" ARE people, just like them.

Btw, I just spoke to another very young woman, who has MBC, she is in a major cancer Center in NYC and she told me she begs for Y90, and docs there insist she stick to systemic (although she has progression)

One more thing, while she was in the Hospital, one of the nurses that came in the room said to my DD – Oh she is chemo (I kid you not!), my DD almost fainting, said I'm NOT chemo, I'm a person. If I didn't die then, then….

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Oct 27, 2017 01:07PM 50sgirl wrote:

Oh Mom, The way some medical professionals depersonalize us at times is painful and insensitive. Every single medical student should be required to spend a month as a patient. Of course, they would not truly learn what it is to be in our shoes, but perhaps that would know how easily we can be made to feel like a part of a herd of cattle or just another person with MBC or a diagnosis label in a computerized report. I realize that they are busy people doing important work, but sometimes I feel like standing up and screaming, " Stop and look around at the faces in front of you. We are real, living, feeling, human beings who are suffering from a disease no one wants and from which we cannot escape. While you are with us, we deserve your time, your undivided attention, your respect, and your help." How are you holding up, dear Mom? I wish I could take some of the weight off your shoulders. I continue to pray for you and Dani.

Hugs and prayers from, Lynne

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Oct 27, 2017 02:08PM momallthetime wrote:

Aww Lynne, so sweet of you. How big are your shoulders?? And BRAVO! AMEN, to all you said. They do behave like tweens NOT even like teenagers. Ugh!

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Oct 27, 2017 02:22PM marylark wrote:

Lynne, if I could put a big neon heart around your post, I would. I am tired of being a number, chart, test result. I am a wife and a mom, a daughter and sister, a good friend to many and a valued member of my community. Look beyond the paperwork at us. We all need to be seen and heard.

Amen sister!


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Oct 27, 2017 02:39PM Max_otto wrote:


Anyone on taxol using acupuncture by a md acupuncturist to prevent symptoms of neuropathy? If so has it been effective?

Has anyone combined this with Chinese treatments?

I'd appreciate any feedback.

Mom all,, I think of you and you daughter daily in my meditations. Peace, Kathy

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Oct 27, 2017 03:05PM letmywifelive wrote:

mom - Dr. Munster is actually a medical oncologist at UCSF and is my wife's primary MO. She is pretty good and at the cutting edge of research but its little hard to get her appointment (traveling all the time). She also advised my wife against Y90 at this time but who knows she may agree later. I am sorry that Dani is going through such a rough time. Things will stabilize soon, I am sure.

I do not post much these days as I first need to know if my wife's current treatment is working to put my mind at rest for a bit. I do read all of your posts.

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Oct 27, 2017 03:10PM babs6287 wrote:

Kathy. I tried acupuncture fir numbness and fatigue. It didn't work for me but more often than not it died work. No harm in trying👍


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Oct 27, 2017 03:23PM NO1-2NV wrote:

mom....oh sometimes I wish I could just shake the stuffing out of the hospital bobble heads you encountered. Please do report those individuals who stated "she's chemo" to the charge nurse. Also, as part of a normal hospital stay, you should be receiving a Press Gainey survey in the mail. Please do fill it out and write in this behavior with the date it occurred and note that you reported it. As an RN I can assure you this is not acceptable behavior, ever, PERIOD.

Hugs to all.

Z, safe travels.

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Oct 27, 2017 04:21PM - edited Oct 27, 2017 04:23PM by lisbet54

Thanks for the kind answers and suggestions. I called the hospital today - and the nurse I talked to said it was quite normal to have a lot of tingling and numbness the first couple of times - it should go away. However, if it's still there the day before the next dose, I'll have to call them and I'll will have to get a new appointment with a doctor to discuss another kind of treatment. If the tingling doesn't go away in a couple of days it is a sign I can't tolerate taxol.

I just have to hope it's gone by Thursday next week. I'll keep looking for ice bags, but I don't think they are used in DK - for whatever reason.

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