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Topic: verzenio, bad dreams?

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Posted on: Dec 10, 2018 11:24AM

SchnauzerMom wrote:

Fellow Verzenians (thank you to Chatsworthgirl for that name--love it!!),

Has anyone experienced persistent bad dreams while on Verzenio? I have some real doozies on a regular basis (often involving being lost). I was wondering if I am peculiar, or if any of you have run into this, too. Thanks.

mets to liver, bones Dx 11/21/1987, ILC, <1cm, Stage I, ER+/PR+, HER2- Dx 12/11/1989, ILC, Stage IIIA, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2- Chemotherapy 1/9/1990 CMF Hormonal Therapy 7/30/2012 Faslodex (fulvestrant) Hormonal Therapy 7/30/2012 Femara (letrozole) Dx 7/31/2012, ILC, Stage IV, mets, ER+/PR+ Targeted Therapy 1/14/2013 Avastin (bevacizumab) Chemotherapy 1/14/2013 Taxol (paclitaxel) Chemotherapy 11/9/2013 Abraxane (albumin-bound or nab-paclitaxel) Chemotherapy 4/1/2014 Navelbine (vinorelbine) Hormonal Therapy 7/22/2014 Aromasin (exemestane) Targeted Therapy 7/22/2014 Afinitor (everolimus) Chemotherapy 11/12/2014 Doxil (doxorubicin) Chemotherapy 7/12/2016 Xeloda (capecitabine) Chemotherapy 12/2/2016 Halaven (eribulin) Hormonal Therapy 5/31/2017 Tamoxifen pills (Nolvadex, Apo-Tamox, Tamofen, Tamone) Targeted Therapy 7/17/2018 Verzenio
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Dec 10, 2018 12:53PM grrifff wrote:

SchnauzerMom, so weird you ask this. I am on Ibrance 100mg. and have been experiencing the same thing. I had a such a vivid dream a few days ago; I was driving around a small decorative pond and suddenly my car slipped in, it was pitch black and I was drowning. My 12 year old was in the front seat and I heard her scream under water. I told myself to wake up and I did but it was incredibly real.

Dx 5/23/2017, IDC, Right, 2cm, Stage IV, metastasized to bone, Grade 3, 21/23 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 6/5/2017 Lumpectomy: Right; Lymph node removal: Underarm/Axillary Hormonal Therapy 8/7/2017 Femara (letrozole), Zoladex (goserelin) Chemotherapy 4/3/2018 Taxol (paclitaxel) Chemotherapy 6/29/2018 AC Hormonal Therapy 9/28/2018 Faslodex (fulvestrant), Zoladex (goserelin) Targeted Therapy 10/27/2018 Ibrance (palbociclib)
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Dec 10, 2018 05:06PM sandilee wrote:

I haven't experienced any more dreams than usual, but I generally don't remember my dreams- so maybe I have but don't know it, lol. I think I had the most anxiety dreams when I had kids at home or if they were having some kind of difficulty.

I imagine hormonal changes can cause strange dreams.

Dx 11/2007, IDC, 1cm, Stage IA, Grade 2, 0/6 nodes, ER+/PR-, HER2- Hormonal Therapy 1/10/2008 Aromasin (exemestane) Dx 6/2011, IDC, mets Radiation Therapy 6/30/2011 Bone Hormonal Therapy 7/15/2011 Faslodex (fulvestrant) Hormonal Therapy 4/10/2015 Femara (letrozole) Targeted Therapy 4/20/2015 Ibrance (palbociclib) Chemotherapy 8/4/2015 Xeloda (capecitabine) Hormonal Therapy 3/11/2016 Tamoxifen pills (Nolvadex, Apo-Tamox, Tamofen, Tamone) Chemotherapy 10/13/2016 Doxil (doxorubicin) Chemotherapy 4/4/2018 Navelbine (vinorelbine) Targeted Therapy 6/6/2018 Verzenio Hormonal Therapy 6/6/2018 Faslodex (fulvestrant) Chemotherapy 4/23/2019 Carboplatin (Paraplatin), Gemzar (gemcitabine)
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Dec 10, 2018 05:48PM pajim wrote:

Not I. I have weird dreams (usually frustration-based) every so often but no more than I ever had.

i can imagine that the hormonal manipulations could cause all sorts of things. . .

Dx 4/20/2008, IDC, Right, 4cm, Stage IIIA, Grade 2, 1/15 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Dx 2/1/2013, IDC, Stage IV, metastasized to bone, mets, ER+/PR+, HER2- Hormonal Therapy 2/27/2013 Femara (letrozole) Hormonal Therapy 4/22/2013 Faslodex (fulvestrant) Targeted Therapy 2/25/2016 Ibrance (palbociclib) Chemotherapy 6/19/2017 Xeloda (capecitabine) Targeted Therapy 8/15/2018 Verzenio Chemotherapy 1/2/2019 Halaven (eribulin)

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