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Topic: Herceptin and runny nose??

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Posted on: Sep 13, 2010 08:06AM

Junebug40 wrote:

I finished my last Herceptin treatment beginning of August. How long till this runny nose goes away??

Dx IDC, <1cm, Stage IIA, Grade 3, 1/19 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+
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Sep 13, 2010 08:55AM lago wrote:

has the hair in your nose grown back? That could be the cause of your runny nose

DONE!! goo.gl/IoaN6U • Tattoos 2.7.2012 • Nipples 10.6.2011 • Exchange 6.24.2011 • Chemo 1.18. 2011 • BMX 8.31.2010 Dx 7/13/2010, IDC, 5cm, Stage IIB, Grade 3, 0/14 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+
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Sep 13, 2010 08:59AM cloudhowe wrote:

A drippy nose is just a wee s/e of herceptrin. I finished 4 weeks ago and seems to be resolving itself. Thank God the nosebleeds are stoppping too! It will get better soon.


Dx 1/12/2009, IDC, 4cm, Stage IIB, Grade 3, 4/5 nodes, ER-/PR-
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Sep 13, 2010 02:49PM carcharm wrote:

I just finished and can't wait till it stops. It is so random. I seem to have more allergies now than ever. My eyes stream tears when I ride my bike. I bend down and my nose drips. I get these itchy red bumps that I think are petechia ... they come up... get big.. turn red... and disappear in 2 weeks. The funny thing is that, knock on wood, I haven't been sick since being on herceptin.

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Sep 14, 2010 04:54AM Junebug40 wrote:

I'm not sick at all.......but this darned runny nose! It is very random as was previously mentioned. I just bend over and it starts to pour out my nose. Thank God my family is used to it. My house is a minefield of little balled up kleenex! It also gets bad when I eat. I don't know if it has to do with the movement of my mouth irritating the sinus or what but know enough now to keep an extra kleenex available. Really tired of rocking the walrus look. When will this end?

Dx IDC, <1cm, Stage IIA, Grade 3, 1/19 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+
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Sep 15, 2010 03:37PM ebarnes48 wrote:

I finnished herceptin in may  and Im glad to say no runny nose anymore.  but my nails flake any advise on stopping that please

Dx 10/21/2008, 4cm, Stage IIIA, 0/16 nodes, ER-, HER2+
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Sep 15, 2010 03:49PM negirly wrote:

The runny nose just seems to fade away, the brittle nails seem to stay longer.  I'm 6 mos past my last Herceptin and my nails are better not great.  My advice - keep them short and with clear polish.


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Sep 25, 2010 05:14PM MiracleMileM wrote:

I am stage IV and will be on Herceptin for as long as it keeps working.  The runny nose is an irritating SE but I am convinced it is the Herceptin that got me to and keeps me at NED.  I know the walrus look well.  Not only at home but also when driving.  And at work I keep a kleenex to my nose when ever I bend over to look at something in order to catch the embarrasing faucet drips.  The runny nose is much worse when I go hiking but my sister and hiking buddy figured out a solution that lets me deal with my nose while still hiking:  I use a mitten clip to attach a large bandana kerchief to my shirt. 

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Sep 26, 2010 07:37AM Iamstronger wrote:

I have the same response as kward.  I have been on hercepton alone for 4 months.  I still have a bit of a runny nose, but it has faded in intensity.  The nails are peeling and i find that clear nail polish helps that.


Dx 1/7/2010, IDC, 3cm, Stage IIB, Grade 2, 1/13 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+ Surgery 1/14/2010 Mastectomy: Right; Prophylactic mastectomy: Left Targeted Therapy 2/14/2010 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Chemotherapy 2/14/2010 Carboplatin (Paraplatin), Taxotere (docetaxel) Radiation Therapy 6/5/2010 Breast, Lymph nodes Hormonal Therapy 8/15/2010 Surgery 3/2/2011 Reconstruction (left): DIEP flap; Reconstruction (right): DIEP flap Dx 8/23/2014, IDC, Stage IV, Grade 2, ER+/PR+, HER2+ Targeted Therapy 9/8/2014 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Targeted Therapy 9/8/2014 Perjeta (pertuzumab) Hormonal Therapy 9/8/2014 Faslodex (fulvestrant) Radiation Therapy 9/25/2014 Bone Targeted Therapy 3/24/2015 Kadcyla (T-DM1, ado-trastuzumab) Chemotherapy
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Oct 30, 2011 05:54PM cbloom wrote:

I have a constant runny nose. I know it is from the hercepton because when i was off of it for 4 months it went away.   I have to be on hercepton,..can anyone tell me if they used anything that worked for the runny nose?

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