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Topic: ibs developing???

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Posted on: Nov 29, 2012 07:49AM

adviceplease wrote:

Hey ladies

I have been having bad breast pain in left breast for two months. Sharp burning pains, all over achey pains, tingly feelings, heaviness etc.  I am one of those people that googles symptoms and comes to the worst possible conclusion, so here I am!

I have no other symptoms - no rash, swelling, orange peel, thickening, swollen nodes etc, but i have read that pain and burning CAN be IBC symptoms.

I have seen a specialist, had ultrasound and mammogram. Doc was quick to tell me it is "hormonal pains" which is great, but the problem is I have read so much about IBC not being diagnosed that now I cant shake the feeling that there is more to it. The pain came on so suddenly one day that it just seems like something so sinister going on. Doc said to take a "wait and watch approach" but i feel like now I am waiting for the rash, swelling etc to develop.

So basically my question is: has anyone ever had pain/burning for a couple fo months or longer BEFORE any other symptoms kicked in? Or do you think that if it was going to happen it would have by now? Think it would be worth having an MRI or would IBC not show up until it is more developed?

The only other thing is that this week I have developed a bad neck ache, which of course may be completely unrelated.

Thanks so much for any thoughts, and well wishes to all of you xxx

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Nov 29, 2012 01:25PM ibcmets wrote:

I'm no doctor but have ibc.  I had all the typical symptoms, but no pain or burning.  My R breast was warmer, larger, itchy, red and had what looked like a spider bite.  It took me about a month to have mammo & ultrasound.  My breast became more swollen & itchy during that time. 

If you've gone a few months with same symptoms and have been checked with ultrasound; I would assume you're ok.  I've had painful breasts from hormonal changes from pregnancy & and menstrual cycles in the past with no problems. 

Glad you checked it out but I would not worry about ibc at this point.


6/2009 stage IV diagnosis w bone mets ,Xgeva , 2015 brain mets, liver metastasis
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Nov 29, 2012 11:59PM adviceplease wrote:

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Hubby keeps telling me to believe the doctors, but seems like sometimes they don't know whats going on with ibc... people on here seem to be more knowledgeable! Take care x

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