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Topic: Hives on Breast & Underarm Lumps

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Meet others worried about developing breast cancer for the first time. PLEASE DO NOT POST PICTURES. You are encouraged to seek advice from a medical professional in the event of any concerns.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2007 06:06AM

kellymarie wrote:

I've had a patch of very itchy hives on the inner portion of my left breast for over a week. I have also discovered 2 lumps under my left arm. I went to my PCP yesterday and she ordered a Mammogram for Friday (tomorrow)and gave me a cream for the hives (which isn't working). I'm concerned that this could be early symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which from what I've been reading, does not show up on a Mammogram. Is my doctor doing the right thing? I have not experienced any swelling or interted nipple or anything like that. I have had generalized itching of the left nipple and sharp pain where the hives are located. I'm very concerned. Thank you in advance for your time. Log in to post a reply

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Apr 12, 2007 11:55AM leaf wrote:

People who have inflammatory breast cancer can have a variety of symptoms. But it is a very unusual type of breast cancer. It can be hard for an EXPERT to diagnose inflammatory breast cancer.

It is MUCH MUCH more common to have a breast infection, or some other breast condition.

Dr. Love, in her breast book, says about inflammatory breast cancer, to go in and get it checked out. Usually they will recommend some kind of treatment. If it STAYS THE SAME for a week or two AFTER YOU START TREATMENT, doesn't get better and doesn't get worse, after a week or two of treatment, then ask for a biopsy.

They can only reliably diagnose inflammatory breast cancer with a biopsy.

If you REALLY think there is something wrong with your breasts, insist on a biopsy, no matter what your doc says. If you are wrong, then you will have peace of mind.

Any skin condition that can happen on your regular skin can also happen on your breast. Its more sensitive tissue, so I'm sure that you are NOT having fun.

If you are premenopausal, and your lumps get bigger then smaller with different parts of your menstrual cycle, then they are very unlikely to be cancer.

Mammos can be used to diagnose other things besides breast cancer.

Let us know how it goes, and feel free to post here to vent. That's what we're here for.

I'll be thinking of you.
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Apr 12, 2007 01:03PM sedgymum wrote:


I do not wish to scare you, however, I have had bc for 3 & half years. Done surgery, chemo and rads. Last year I developed what looked like hives on my breast as well as a rash on my neck. It was as itchy as hell. This was breast cancer that had metastasized to the skin. I have since had bi-lateral mastectomies.

Please make sure you follow up until the issue is resolved!

Of course it could be hives and your doctor has done the right thing by starting with a mammogram. Perhaps you could also get an ultra sound. Hugs to you

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Apr 12, 2007 01:08PM francois wrote:

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Apr 12, 2007 01:25PM Beesie wrote:

Moderators have been notified about the above post. This individual has been posting his propaganda throughout this site all day.

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Apr 12, 2007 01:43PM ripplesdf wrote:

It's possible that it's shingles. You said you have itching and pain as well as blisters. I am not a doctor by any means, but I had shingles a few yrs ago under my L breast and it is very painful and itchy. Hopefully going to your dr will clear this up and you won't have to worry about it anymore. Hugs and prayers to you. Keepin' the faith...Dawn

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Apr 13, 2007 07:57AM kellymarie wrote:

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for your reply. I am definately going to follow up until I find out what is wrong. I very, very rarely get hives/rashes so I know that there is something wrong. And the 2 lumps under my arm are scaring me as well. I hope that you are well on your way to recovery. I can't imagine what you have had to endure. Today is my mammogram and I think the radiology dept did say something about doing an ultra sound as well. Take care.
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Apr 13, 2007 07:58AM kellymarie wrote:

Hi Dawn, I don't have any blistering and the hives have been there for nearly 2 weeks now. I did look up shingles after reading your post, and I don't think that's what it is. Thank you though for the suggestion. I hope it is something minor like a rash or bites, I really, really do!!
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Apr 13, 2007 11:39AM leaf wrote:

Maybe this site will give you some comfort - it lists like 70 causes of breast pain. I am NOT suggesting that you diagnose yourself- I'm just suggesting that there can be multiple causes for your symptoms. You will probably find better descriptors of your condition than I chose.


I'm not saying this is the best or most accurate site.

This is NOT meant as medical advice, of course.

And, I completely believe sedgymum 's experience.

Obviously, you will be following up with your docs and pursue this to the end until you are satisfied.
If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them- Isaac Asimov Dx 12/8/2005, LCIS, Stage 0, ER+/PR- Hormonal Therapy 7/15/2006 Tamoxifen pills (Nolvadex, Apo-Tamox, Tamofen, Tamone)
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Apr 14, 2007 07:09AM ripplesdf wrote:

Kelly hope you get some answers and relief soon. Wishing you nothing but good news. Keepin' the faith...Dawn

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Apr 18, 2007 09:45AM kellymarie wrote:

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and advice. My mammogram came back clean, but my PCP is referring me to a surgeon, as she said they may want to biopsy the swollen lymph nodes under my left arm. Since I last posted, I've had more symptoms on the left breast (in addition to the hives, which have improved but not disappeared). I have been having intense itching of the entire breast, including the nipple. I also noticed a very, very small black scab on right beside my nipple (I think the area is called the areola?). I have also been experiencing scaling of the nipples and intense pains deep in the left breast which feels like it's coming from the center of my breast. This is unlike any breast pain I have ever felt before and really worries me. I guess my question is how concerned should I be, what questions should I ask the surgeon, what type of surgeon should I see, etc... If my PCP refers me to a general surgeon, should I tell her I want to see a surgeon that specializes in the breast? Is there such a thing? Thank you in advance.