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Topic: Blood on Bra after Mammogram

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Posted on: Nov 14, 2009 08:13AM

susanslp wrote:

Has anyone else had some bleeding after a mammogram?  I went yesterday and the radiologist was able to read the films right away. The results were fine.  I was very pleased because I usually get called back for extra views, or am told to come back for a six-month follow-up.  However, later in the day I found a brown mark inside the right cup of my bra.  It wasn't exactly where the nipple is, which confused me, but it did look like old blood.  It's never happened before.  The nipple looked fine (no blood) and there's been no further bleeding so far.  (I wore a bra all night just to catch anything.)  I just had a breast exam last week at my annual physical; I have dense fibrocystic breasts but  no new lumps.  I'm going to call the doctor on Monday but in the meantime does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks. 

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Nov 14, 2009 08:31AM barbe1958 wrote:

When I took my bra off the day of my mammogram last year, I had blood on my nipple! Then during the mammogram I bled all over the plate. The tech said "don't be worried, but be concerned." Turns out the bloody nipple had nothing to do with my cancer! It just acted as a wake-up call.....

Good luck for a continued clean bill of health.

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Nov 14, 2009 08:59AM cs34 wrote:

remember everyone is different but my experience was that a bloody bra saved my life. but my blood was constant, not from a mammo. i certainly don't mean to scare you but i would watch it like a hawk and wear a white or tan bra.  i just couldn't not answer something that said bloody bra. 

wishing you the best! Smile 

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Nov 14, 2009 09:03AM Fitztwins wrote:

Not to sound graphic, when you squeeze you nipples does blood come out? You might want to ask for an u/s or MRI to be extra safe.

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Nov 14, 2009 10:49AM pk0199 wrote:

You actually might want to ask for a galactogram, it is a test for the milk ducts. It might be easier to get than an MRI.

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Nov 14, 2009 10:52AM barbe1958 wrote:

If it is spontaneous and comes without pressure, there is a bit more concern. If it comes only with pressure, it could be a papilloma or blocked duct. I think ANY discharge should be looked into!

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Nov 15, 2009 12:37PM AsiaYM wrote:

I would find a breast clinic to have a look at it, just to be sure it's nothing.  Hugs,

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Nov 16, 2009 07:26PM susanslp wrote:

Thanks very much to all who left messages.  My doctor finally got back to me.  She told me that mammograms can be very traumatic to breast tissue (duh!) and that on occasion they can cause discharge with or without bleeding.  I'd never heard of this.  As barbe1958 pointed out, apparently it's much more worrisome to have spontaneous discharge, which sometimes is caused by a cancer.  (by the way,she said not to squeeze your nipples in a case like this as you're just traumatizing them more.)  Given the good mammogram and my very recent breast exam, she just wants me to keep wearing white bras so I can keep an eye out for additional discharge.  This is a doc who's the first person to order additional tests for every little thing, so the fact that she's comfortable with a watchful waiting approach is reassuring.  I know this is going to make me paranoid, particulary because I've had problems (non-cancer, thankfully) in the past but I guess this is the best result possible.  Thank you all again.  This is a great site with tons of support and good information.  I found it three years ago when I had a (benign) lump and breast pain and sometimes come back to look at nutrition/prevention information.   

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Nov 16, 2009 08:58PM barbe1958 wrote:

Susan, that's great news! You must be on cloud B9...thanks for letting us know.

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Nov 16, 2009 11:55PM lifegoeson wrote:

I'm so glad it turned out well!  I also found my cancer because of spots of blood in my bra. 

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Nov 17, 2009 12:26AM CrunchyPoodleMama wrote:

Glad it turned out to be nothing! A pinpoint drop of blood in my bra (nearly daily -- not just once after a mammogram) was one of my symptoms, and when I obsessively researched it, I kept reading that 90% of instances of nipple discharge were benign. I'm sure having it happen just once or twice after "breast trauma" is not uncommon.

(Hmm, I just realized, I haven't had the pinpoint droplet appearing on my bra a single time since I had my core biopsy. That's weird...?!)

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