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Topic: Pictures of dimpling?

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Meet others worried about developing breast cancer for the first time. Posting pictures of symptoms is NOT recommended - you are encouraged to seek advice from a medical professional in the event of any concerns.

Posted on: Mar 9, 2011 04:51PM, edited Mar 9, 2011 04:52PM by mdoak

mdoak wrote:

Anyone know of any sites with pictures of breast dimpling?

I have breast issue after breast issue, so many that I put off doing breast exams. So I just did my first of the month breast exam and felt a new and quite tender lump on the side of my left breast at about 3:00, almost under my arm. I didn't think that much of it since I am very lumpy and bumpy until I looked in the mirror and saw what I think is a dimple about an inch below where the lump is. I had noticed some pulling there a couple months ago but decided it was just breast sag from approaching middle age. But this is more pronounced, more like a dimple. I can only see it in certain positions, and not when I lift my arms over my head.

 anyway, if anyone knows of any pics online it might be helpful. I can't go running to the doc every time I find a new thing. I'm already on high-risk monitoring and am scheduled for an MRI in June.

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Mar 9, 2011 05:02PM DocBabs wrote:

Try this


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