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Posted on: Oct 20, 2007 10:06PM - edited Oct 20, 2007 10:06PM by Ginger4Him

Ginger4Him wrote:

I have been having strange sensations in my breast for about a month and a half. My breast keep feeling like milk is coming in or they are getting hard, but they aren't. I kept brushing it off as my hormones. I have had a complete hystercitomy and have been on hormones for 3 years now. Two weeks ago I was searching on the internet for possible causes, but found nothing except stuff related to nursing mothers and breast cancer. Certain that neither applied to me, I shut my laptop and headed to bed. As I was slipping into my night gown I had a sudden pain in my left breast that caused me to grab the spot where it was huting. When I grabbed the spot I felt a lump exactly where the pain was located. As soon as I found the lump  the pain went away and has not returned. The lump is about the size of the tip of my small finger. When I lay down it feels more like the size of a bb. It is hard.

I called the Dr. a few days later and made an appointment to get an exam. I told him about the sensations I have been having, the knot, the unintential weight loss (25 pounds), and the fact that I can hardly get out of bed in the mornings.

He did an exam and said he felt like it was probably just a cyst, but wanted to have it checked. He also ran a bunch of blood work.

Wednesday, I had a mammogram done. The technican could not get the lump in the mammogram machine. It is located under my left arm right at the edge of my breast, parallel to my nipple.

Needless to say, the mammogram came out negative. She said she did not even think it was part of the breast and that if it could not be gotten in the mammogram machine it most likely wasn't. Should I ask for a sonogram? Has anyone else ever had the sensations I am having? Has anyone else had a lump in that location and were you able to have a mammogram get it. According to pictures I have seen, it is where there is an auxillary lymph node.

I don't want to over react, but I immediately got the feeling that God was saying, "Quit ignoring me, I am right here!" When I found it.

Thanks for any help I can get.


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Oct 20, 2007 11:41PM - edited Mar 19, 2008 12:56PM by TenderIsOurMight

Well, I lost my post to you, Ginger. oh well, i'll just try to say it shorter.

But first, welcome to breastcancer.org's discussion threads. Lots of support here, knowledgeable survivors, with experience in these matters. Always someone on, by and large, to help through difficult times and questioning times.

Yes, you should ask for a breast ultrasound at this point in time since the mammogram tech even admitted she was not able to fully visualize the lump at the side of your breast with the x-ray machine. But first,the radiologist should direct a second mammogram if needed, to incorporate the area, as mammogram remains the gold standard in detection.

An ultrasound probe or wand, is much better at being movable, and getting into the angles needed to visualize a lump, and it allows adjusting the background and depth to get the best real time picture. You definitely should have a radiologist look at this lump under ultrasound and see what they make of it. Yet it is an adjunct to mammogram typically.

Was this test already ordered? The tech should have informed the radiologist of the technical problem with the mammogram, and he/she should give guidance regarding a second mammogram attempt, followed by an ultrasound.

80% of breast lumps are benign, and this may well be a lymph node. But always to be sure, a followup ultrasound and biopsy if seen makes for good medicine.

Hope this helps, and wishing you b9 results,

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Oct 21, 2007 05:50PM leaf wrote:

To reassure, most women who are initially diagnosed with breast cancer do not have strange sensations in their breast (though some do), and most do not have unintentional weight loss (though some do.)

As Madalyn says, at my facility, radiologists, though MDs of course, will not order imaging studies; they require 'your clinician' to do that. One person said that's to spread the liability around.

Its good you're getting this checked, and as Tender and Madalyn said, I would talk to my doc about getting an ultrasound.

Ultrasounds are good at looking at edges: whether something is fluid filled or not.

Even if they proceed to biopsy with you, as Tender said, 80% of biopsies in the US are benign. That's a big number. But good for you to get it checked out.

Welcome to the boards and feel free to ask or vent.

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