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Topic: Breast lumps and Migraines?? o.O

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Posted on: Jan 9, 2012 03:59PM

Christine86 wrote:

I have a question. Some might think it's stupid but I just gotta know. I've always had migraines but I'd probably get one maybe once or twice in a whole year. I'm noticing now ever since these lumps came about I've been getting migraines or at least just vision changes every single day. The other day I actually saw rainbows! Last night I saw shadows over everything. Just now I saw these weird shapes in my vision. It's usually the right eye that has the vision and the left side of my head will hurt. I don't always get full-out migraines, sometimes it's just the vision that goes off. Is this common in people who have breast lumps? It's probably a stupid question but I'm really curious. Thank you!

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Jan 9, 2012 04:35PM ali68 wrote:

Don' t worry you are just very stressed xx

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Jan 9, 2012 04:49PM Christine86 wrote:

Thank you ali68. I didn't think they really would have anything to do with one another but just to be sure lol. I also think they're pregnancy-related.

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Jan 9, 2012 08:01PM - edited Jan 9, 2012 08:04PM by Bridgewater

Hi Christine
It sounds like Aura Migranes. My fiancé gets them when he is VERY stesed. You can see rainbows, dots, trailing lines, etc.. On really bad ones he forgets names, why he is at places , occationally paranoia, and gets vertigo symptoms. Typically the visions only last around 20 minutes but the headache can last longer. Best thing to do is realize what is happening (google for more info) and do something that relaxes you... It will go away when you relax.
Stay positive!!!

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Jan 9, 2012 08:48PM Christine86 wrote:

Bridgewater, thank you :) Yea, migraines run in my family and this isn't the first time I've gotten them but I'm noticing that lately they're VERY frequent. I know it could be a part of pregnancy and also I haven't been getting enough sleep. We recently moved and my kids' sleeping schedules are all off :( I am literally exhausted and of course stressed with my situation and health. Hopefully they subside soon! 

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Jan 9, 2012 08:51PM marie5890 wrote:

Sending good thoughts to you Christine,

With all that you have shared, your stress level has to be on extra high and that will manifest itself in all kinds of bodily reactions. 

Jan '11 Biopsy Dx-ed a PASH tumor (rare, but benign tumor)....All I ask is for peace and serenity to the depths of my soul. Makes the rest of life more live-able.
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Jan 9, 2012 08:57PM Christine86 wrote:

marie5890, my thoughts exactly.  A lot is going on right now so it wouldn't come as a shock to me if that's the cause.

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Jan 10, 2012 08:18AM amanda1116 wrote:

This sounds exactly like optic (also called aural or ocular) migraines.  I get them too. They rarely last longer than 20 minutes and have all sorts of optic events or symptoms: lines, clarity of vision interruption and what used to be called "floaters".  I never noticed that they had anything to do with breast lumps or really stress (but that is just me).  What I have noticed is that they are tied to overly bright computer or hand held screens and colored screens.  The brighter the color and the longer I in front of it the more likely an optic migraine.  The good news is that this type of migraine is easy to diagnose, often comes without a headache (sometimes with or later or at other times) and is almost 100% not serious or indicative of other ophthalogic issues (or brain issues -- the retina is actually part of the brain).  The one thing you must be careful of is driving.  It did happen to me once while driving (with kids in car at night, in the rain on a highway -- can you get worse than that?) and it terrified me.  Often people do get a warning (small flashes of light or seeing dots or the floaters) but not all the time.

 Insomuch as migraines are related to stress these optic disturbanced may well be stress induced too.  But who doesn't have stress in their lives?  I don't think this website would exist nor these discussion boards were it not for one particular and often ongoing stress, right? 

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Jan 10, 2012 11:18PM Christine86 wrote:

Exactly :) I believe it's due to stress, not sleeping well enough and pregnancy hormones. I've had migraines before but they seem to be getting worse and definitely more frequent. I see shadows around people, rainbows, even letters. Once I saw the letter C but there was like, 50 of them all bunched up. It's really weird. I don't drive so I won't have to go through what you've gone through. I can't even imagine how scared you must've been. My husband gets migraines pretty bad as well but he gets half vision and my mom gets double vision. My brother suffers from them too. 

Thank you for replying to me. I have a headache as I'm typing this so I'm going to relax. I notice lights hurt my eyes and head all the time now. Sigh, always something going on. 

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