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Topic: 33 and scared

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Meet others worried about developing breast cancer for the first time. PLEASE DO NOT POST PICTURES OF YOUR SYMPTOMS. Comparing notes, symptoms, or characteristics is not helpful here, as only medical professionals can accurately evaluate and assess your individual situation.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2012 11:00PM

Chiz34 wrote:

I'm 33 and I've always had lumpy breast but last year I noticed a lump larger than normal. I had an ultra sound and mammogram done and they told me there was nothing to worry about. But this year I noticed the lump was even bigger so I went back to the dr. They sent me for another ultra sound and mammogram they told me I had a tight cluster of about 15 microcalcification in one breast and not anywhere by my lump. The microcalcifications were not on the mammogram last year. I have had 2 aunts with breast cancer and I'm freaking out. Does ne one know what my odds are of this being nothing. I've read that a tight cluster of more than 5 microcalcifications is high risk. Does ne one know of ne thing to help ease my mind.

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Nov 25, 2012 12:12AM Beckers wrote:

Chiz34, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I had microcalcs in my left breast, which was DCIS. It is non invasive breast cancer and stage 0. Not even stage 1 and that is a good thing! I also believe the stats are that 80% end up being benign so try to hold on to that hope right now. The waiting is the hardest part for sure. We have all been right where you are and are here for you. Remember to breath and try to hang in there! (hugs)

Diagnosed with bilateral or synchronous breast cancer Dx 3/2012, DCIS, <1cm, Stage 0, Grade 2, ER+/PR+ Dx 3/2012, IDC, 1cm, Stage IB, Grade 2, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Hormonal Therapy 10/12/2012
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Nov 25, 2012 12:12AM Pawprint wrote:

Hi Chiz34,

Hopefully your radiologist and doctor are correct in what they are reading on the ultrasound and mammogram. You said you didn't have these cacifications previously and you have family hstory of cancer . I think to ease your mind I would take your films and cd to another breast surgeon to get a second opinion. I hope all turns out okay.

Dx 6/10/2010, ILC, 1cm, Stage IB, Grade 2, 1/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 8/13/2010 Mastectomy: Left, Right Hormonal Therapy 8/19/2010 Arimidex (anastrozole) Surgery 11/6/2010 Reconstruction (left); Reconstruction (right)
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Nov 25, 2012 03:19AM itsjustme10 wrote:

What did your doctors say?  Do they want you to have an immediate  biopsy, or are they just going to recheck it at a later date?  It stinks to be going through something, but what are you concerned about?  Waiting for a biopsy and test results, or the microcalcifications themselves?    What does your written report say about them?  Does your radiology group find them suspicious? 

The only advice I can or would give you is that Google is not the best way to self-diagnose things.  If you're having a biopsy, wait until the results come in, and then you can start researching.  Otherwise, you're just making yourself nervous for no reason. 

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Nov 25, 2012 01:00PM Chiz34 wrote:

My report said that there was a cluster of 15 microcalcifications that are suspicious. The doctor said he didn't know till we did the biopsy. My concern is that they were not there last year or at least they didn't say ne thing to me plus I have very dense tissue. So my question is if they were not there last year and now there is 15 in a tight cluster what are my odds of it being nothing.

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Nov 25, 2012 01:55PM marie5890 wrote:


Hello and welcome. 

We can't give you odds one way or the other to be honest. What we can tell you is that a tight cluster of microcals is a flag which tells the Dr.'s that it is wise to have it biopsied. 

Can it be nothing? Sure, it can. Can it be "something more concerning?" Sure, it can be that, too. 

That is why it's wise to get it biopsied. To know for sure, one way or the other. 

That is the most honest answer we can give you at this point.

This is hard, the waiting, the concern, the anxiety. We all know this. We all of been there. 

Hugs to you. Try your best to hang in there. Keep busy.

Jan '11 Biopsy Dx-ed a PASH tumor (rare, but benign tumor)....All I ask is for peace and serenity to the depths of my soul. Makes the rest of life more live-able.
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Nov 25, 2012 02:34PM Chiz34 wrote:

I try and for the most part I stay busy I'm a single mother of two so my world for the most part is busy. But I do get some down time and when that happens ur mind starts wondering. Thanks so much

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Nov 25, 2012 03:39PM itsjustme10 wrote:

I see your doctor is going to biopsy it for you.  That's good - that's the only thing that will give you the peace of mind you need, and a definitive answer.  Hope it comes out benign.  When is it scheduled for?

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Nov 25, 2012 04:50PM Chiz34 wrote:

I go December 3 so I hope all goes well. I'm just tired of all the waiting and not knowing ne thing.

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Nov 25, 2012 06:15PM - edited Nov 25, 2012 06:24PM by itsjustme10

The waiting is the worst part, I know. :(  Hang in there...it's just a little more than a week away.

I wish there was a magic formula and someone could tell you "yes" or "no", but there isn't.  Even experienced board certified radiologists sometimes  interpret what they see differently.  That's why the gold standard is a biopsy. 

Believe me, you don't want somone's uneducated guess that they word as a definitive opinion.  The truth is that no one could possibly know for sure until it's biopsied.  If your doctor were comfortable (either way) he probably would've given you a hint.  Waiting sucks.  But someone on some message board guessing wrong based solely on their own personal results, and not actual knowledge, and then acting like they kinow what they're talking about and telling you something that isn't true, would suck even more.

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Nov 25, 2012 06:33PM Chiz34 wrote:

I totally agree. I understand y doctors can't tell u either way because of legal reason but it is so hard to just sit and wait and not know if ur life is about to really change. My life I don't worry about I know whatever the outcome is that I can handle it but for my children not so much. In the past 5 years we have lost so many close family member from different types of cancer and my children have had to face all of it but this would be to close to home for them so that's who I truly freak out and worry about so me having to sit and wait around is so so hard.

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Nov 25, 2012 07:39PM itsjustme10 wrote:

How old are your children?  It must've been very hard for all of you to go through everything.  I don't blame you for being nervous about it, and just wanting an answer, because you have 2 other people to worry about, even more than yourself.  Hopefully you'll have a busy week at work, and they'll have lots of activities and the time will go fast for you.

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Nov 25, 2012 08:16PM Chiz34 wrote:

I have a beautiful 12 year old girl and a very handsome 9 year old boy. They r my pride and joy. To even think that I might have to give them bad news is the worst. Over the past 5 years we have lost 5 family members from all different types of cancer. From lung cancer to brain cancer and they know how it all works. So my stomach will probably stay in knots until after the 3. Thanks so much for talking with me. It's been a blessing to have someone to talk with about all of this.

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Nov 25, 2012 09:21PM cowpower wrote:

Hang in there Chiz. Its a hard time for you, but keeping busy helps a lot. My two sons are 15 and 17 now, but they stll keep me hopping. My older boy actually pretended not to have any ideas for his college search so he could keep me busy before my surgery. I am sure your little ones will help keep you centered even if they dont know they are doing it. We will be here also to help you get through.

cowpower Dx 1/2012, IDC, 6cm+, Stage IIIA, 6/23 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 2/21/2012 Lymph node removal: Left, Underarm/Axillary; Mastectomy: Left Chemotherapy 3/26/2012 Adriamycin (doxorubicin), Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide), Taxol (paclitaxel), Taxotere (docetaxel) Hormonal Therapy 10/2/2012 Radiation Therapy 11/6/2012 Breast, Lymph nodes
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Nov 26, 2012 06:41PM Chiz34 wrote:

Thanks so much for all the support. I'm hanging in there. The surgery center called today to confirm my appointment so now it's just another waiting game. 😁

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Nov 26, 2012 08:26PM Janeth2012 wrote:

Hello Chiz.....I am new to this message board and recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I can totally relate to the stress of waiting and worrying about your kids. What's most important right now is to know that you are not alone in this process. Others before me have provided you with encouraging words. Be mindful that only a biposy can give you a definitive answer.  I know it's not easy waiting to have the test done but what I found helpful was realizing that I couldn't control the outcome, one way or the other.  I had many days of deep breathing and just convincing myself that no matter what, I would deal with it and be an example to someone else that might have to go through the same thing. Although it's easier said than done.....try to inhale and exhale.  You can and will get through this and you've got message board friends to help!!

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Nov 27, 2012 07:56PM Chiz34 wrote:

Thank u all for the support. I'm hanging in there even thou most days I want to have a break down. But I get thru each day by just taking everyday one step at a time. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone I know I don't know if its cancer or not and to all of y'all that are going thru that and to take the time to help calm me is so amazing. Thank u all so much

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Nov 27, 2012 08:41PM itsjustme10 wrote:

You're doing a great job hanging in there...and that's really all you can do, one step at a time. :)  Each step, each day gets you closer to finding out what's wrong. 

All any of us can really do is pay it forward... it's so confusing to be going through - I remember when I thought people could tell me from what I felt or actually what thought I felt, but couldn't accurately describe.  Over the past year I've learned how little I do know - that doctors use certain phrases that mean something specific to them, but completely different from what I would take the actual English words to mean.   

So, we wait.  And pace.  And wait some more.

So check back as often as you need to.  Post as often as you need to.  We're here.  We get it. :)

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Nov 29, 2012 08:02PM Chiz34 wrote:

Okay so they said I could drive myself home after the kneedle biopsy Monday that I'll just be sore. Can ne one tell me how I'm going to feel Monday after everything. They also said I could go back to work the next day but I clean s middle school all day which requires a lot of left and stuff. So just how sore am I going to be?

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Nov 30, 2012 07:42AM itsjustme10 wrote:

I had no trouble driving after mine - they numb you with a local, so you'll be fine.  :)

I don't remember whether there were lifting restrictions after the biopsy or not - I would say check with your doctor, and ask about the heavy lifiting - it might make a difference, but I'm not sure. 

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Nov 30, 2012 09:20AM kmadigan wrote:

I had both stereotactic and ultrasound guided biopsies done in the same area on the same day and it really wasn't that bad.  I was very nervous going in, but they numb you up very well so you really won't feel anything.  I was a bit sore the next day but you should probably be okay for work....maybe try not to reach across that breast too much when grabbing things, but you will probably be fine to work.  Tylenol will help too.  Honestly, waiting is the most nerve-racking part, but try to remind yourself that worrying won't change the outcome, so focus all that energy on all the wonderful things you have in your life -easier said than done, I know.  Working out also really helped me when I was waiting to hear news.  Best of luck!

Dx 9/28/2012, IDC, Stage IIIA, Grade 3, 8/17 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+ Surgery 10/15/2012 Mastectomy: Left, Right; Reconstruction (left): Tissue expander placement; Reconstruction (right): Tissue expander placement Chemotherapy 11/12/2012 AC + T (Taxol) Hormonal Therapy Targeted Therapy Herceptin (trastuzumab)
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Nov 30, 2012 09:48AM kymL wrote:

Hi Chiz. I had a core needle biopsy this past Monday. There was almost no pain at all, aside from some general tenderness when the local anesthetic wore off. I took two Tylenol and that worked.

The lifting weight limit I was given was 5 lbs. in the next 24 hrs after the surgery, in the left arm (biopsy was left breast).

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Nov 30, 2012 03:01PM Chiz34 wrote:

Thank u all so much now I just wait and hope for the best

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Dec 3, 2012 06:23PM Chiz34 wrote:

Had the biopsy today it wasn't bad at all. It's the after math that hurts. I'm pretty sore. They had to go in a second time cuz they didn't get it the first time. So right now ice is my best friend. They said that I should get a call tomorrow from my doctor to let me how it all went.

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Dec 3, 2012 08:48PM Chiz34 wrote:

Okay it's official I suck at pain. I can't left my arm or even open a coke bottle. It is beyond sore. Is this normal. Good lord I hope this somewhat goes away by morning

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Dec 4, 2012 06:33AM itsjustme10 wrote:

Hopefully someone who had pain will answer you who had pain, soon, because I was just normal sore.  Fingers crossed that you get a good result, and this will all go away soon for you.

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Dec 4, 2012 06:51PM Chiz34 wrote:

Got my results. They said all good I'm in the clear. Thank u lady's so much. You all are my sanity. I feel like I can breath. Thank u all so much. It means so much. I'm really blessed to have you all to talk to and to help me thru. I can't tell you all enough. Thank u

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Dec 5, 2012 05:22AM itsjustme10 wrote:

That's awesome - I'm so happy for you!! :)

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Dec 5, 2012 06:37AM marie5890 wrote:


Enjoy your holiday season, no matter how (or even if) you celebrate it. 

God Bless!

Jan '11 Biopsy Dx-ed a PASH tumor (rare, but benign tumor)....All I ask is for peace and serenity to the depths of my soul. Makes the rest of life more live-able.
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Dec 9, 2012 08:19PM Chiz34 wrote:

Just checking in with everyone. Hope all is well with you all. I'm doing a lot better still pretty sore with a nice hole under my left arm. I'm guessing that is normal I hope ne way.

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