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Topic: BiRads 4a, Waiting for Biopsy

Forum: Not Diagnosed But Worried —

Meet others worried about developing breast cancer for the first time. PLEASE DO NOT POST PICTURES OF YOUR SYMPTOMS. Comparing notes, symptoms, or characteristics is not helpful here, as only medical professionals can accurately evaluate and assess your individual situation.

Posted on: Dec 7, 2012 02:36PM

FrayedKnot wrote:

Hi everyone. I am a newbie.

I got a call back on my mammogram just before Thanksgiving and had my re-do last week. The radiologist told me I have a density at 12 o'clock, posterior third but no microcalcifications. My chart says BiRads 4a, so he wants me to have the stereotactic biopsy.

I am 45 years old with none of the risk factor or family history.

After talking in depth with my regular dr, I have decided to schedule the biopsy which, because I am uninsured, will cost $900. However it is worth every penny to hopefully find out the lump is benign.

Anyway, I am shell shocked. I do not feel a lump, have never had an irregular mammogram and am just super healthy. I wondered if there were any members here who had a similar finding and what the outcome was?

I know BiRads 4a is a fairly low risk category, but still warranting a biopsy. I am trying to stay positive but it's almost Christmas and I keep feeling panic whenever I look at my young daughter. It's so hard to keep it together while I wait. And I do have to wait 3 weeks for financial reasons. Agony!

Anyway thanks if you read this long post. :)

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Dec 7, 2012 02:49PM KTGR wrote:

I just went through the same thing. I was birad 5. Had both a core needle biopsy and then, because the findings came back benign but discordant, had an excisional biopsy. It has turned out to be a benign radial scar. Don't freak out. Really. I did, but then I did things to comfort myself: walking, baths, eating really well, reading, meditating, and yes, crying. I have three girls, a 10 year old, and two 4 year olds. One of my twins has cerebral palsy. Bad things float through your mind; let them float OUT of your mind. Don't get ahead of yourself. Birad 4a odds are really good to be benign. Deep breaths. Take care of business and take care of yourself.

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Dec 7, 2012 03:42PM marie5890 wrote:

Yes, a BIRADS 4a is low risk for BC, so try not to panic. At this point you have no reason to.

I will say this because women get confused over what constitutes risk for BC. 

Most women who get BC are mothers, grandmothers, breast fed their kids etc etc, and have no family history, have lived very healthy lives etc etc etc

The two BIGGEST risks for getting BC, and they are  THE doozies, are these.

1)Being female 

2)Getting older. 

The other risk factors are much smaller in comparison. Always keep that in mind. That is why it's important to get annual mammograms and follow up accordingly. 

Dont get lulled into thinking you are "safe" because you can check off various "risk factors" with "no" 

If you are a woman, and you are getting older, you are at risk. That is the reality.

Keep up with your health

Jan '11 Biopsy Dx-ed a PASH tumor (rare, but benign tumor)....All I ask is for peace and serenity to the depths of my soul. Makes the rest of life more live-able.
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Dec 7, 2012 07:30PM Allegraco wrote:

Hi FrayedKnot,

I also had a BIRAD of 4a after an irregular 3D mammogram followed by ultrasound and ultrasound guided biopsy. I was diagnosed with suspected 1 cm Radial Scar and just recieved patholgy which was negative I'm happy to say. Will have it removed in two weeks as my Doctor is not happy with the shape or size and I'm good with that.

It's hard not to worry I know but on my report it did say with a BIRAD of 4a it was low risk so take some comfort from that if you can.

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Jan 2, 2013 05:23PM lisabdcat wrote:

Hello, I am new to this site and am looking for a voice of reason.  Went in on Christmas eve for a diagnostic mamo and ultrasound for increased density area on left breast/armpit.  Nothing of concern was found in left breast, but microcalcifications found in right breast.  Magnification mamo done and surgical consult and biopsy recommened "as soon as possible".  Going for Core needle biopsy tommorrow, 1/3/13.  Worried.

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Nov 10, 2019 05:31PM Mamma_Cyab wrote:

50 years old. Been getting mammos every 1-2 years since 40.

Last week's showed "asymmetry in left breast compared to prior imaging". A spot compression mammo (tomosynthesis) was ordered. Radiologist read on-site and ordered a sonogram. Sonogram was done and categorized as a BI-RADS 4. I didn't ask if it was a BI-RADS 4a, 4b, or 4c. They have now ordered a Vacuum assisted breast biopsy (VABB) and I am freaking out! They didn't see a clearly-defined mass, per se, but they said that the breast tissue had changed and become more dense and looked different than previous mammos and sonograms.

I am so fearful and confused. Anyone had something like this happen? . . . . . . what happened next? . . . . . and what were the results? Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Nov 11, 2019 11:32AM Baileygirl80 wrote:

Hello, I’m not in the exact same position as you, but I’m pretty scared non the less, on November 2nd I found a round and what feels like a hard lump in my left breast, I went to my dr who send me for a diagnostic 3D mammogram and ultrasound, it came back as normal, both did. Radiologist notes I have almost all fatty breast tissue and that all they saw was a ridge of benign breast tissue/fibrofatty tissue. The problem is, is I feel a lump a round hard lump in there, so I’m in the process of trying to get into see the breast surgeon for another opinion. This is hands down one of the most scariest things I have been through. Please know that you’re not alone, and I hope we both get the answers we need. And prayers for good news for us both ☺️

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Nov 13, 2019 05:31PM Mamma_Cyab wrote:

Best wishes to you. I go for my biopsy tomorrow. Hope you are making progress with your issue too. :)

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