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Topic: Cyst Aspiration for Grape Like Cluster on L Breast

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Posted on: Feb 14, 2013 09:16AM

CasM wrote:

Hello All

I had a follow-up Mammo/US yesterday from a mammo/US that I had 7 months ago.  I went to a breast specialist to have the June mammo/US reviewed.  Breast specialist said nothing looked worrisome come back in Dec and we will US in office.  Went to BS in Dec sill nothing to worry about.  I get a certified letter from imaging center from my mammo/US and my Gyno calls me to tell me that I need to do my follow-up mammo.  I was going to blow it off based on breast specialist appt in Dec.

Anyways after 2 hours in imaging center going through mammo/US. Radiologist comes in and tells me that I need a cyst aspiration completed on L breast since the grape cluster of cysts have doubled in size since my mammo/USt in June.  I know that most cysts are B9, should I move forward with the aspiration?

I made a appt with breast specialist for 4 Mar. 

Thanks for any insight on this situation.  Laughing

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Feb 14, 2013 02:59PM - edited Feb 14, 2013 02:59PM by Beesie

I've had more cyst aspirations than I can remember.  It's a quick, easy, painless process. The doctor inserts a needle and syringe, and pulls out the liquid from the cyst.  That's it.  All you feel is a pin prick. 

I have some cysts that aren't palpable so those have stayed in my breast.  But my surgeon has always offered to aspirate the larger ones that have been palpable.  It's a great way to get rid of the lump and get rid of the concern.  

So I'd say, do it.  The risk of cancer is very low, but this way the lumps will be gone.  

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Feb 19, 2013 11:59AM CasM wrote:

Thanks for the reply!!  Smile

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