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Posted on: Sep 5, 2015 12:08PM

Posted on: Sep 5, 2015 12:08PM

071655 wrote:

After rec'ing an all clear from the breast surgeon a couple weeks ago after he reviewed my mammograms comparison report and ultrasound, I didn't think I would be back on here. Although I was still slightly concerned. The redness on my right breast has paled tremendously, but it is still swollen and the area under the areola and on the right side of my breast is now dry and getting scaly. Doesn't itch though. Infection ruled out a few weeks ago, no lumps and so on. I do have an occasional pain or quick burning sensation, but that is all.

Will the worry of IBC ever go away?

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Sep 5, 2015 12:46PM BarredOwl wrote:


Sorry you are still experiencing unexplained symptoms and contimued worry.

If you have not been to a dermatologist yet, that is definitely an option. They could evaluate the possibility of some other types of skin conditions besides infection.

You could also seek a second opinion from another breast surgeon.

Optionally, the first breast surgeon did not seem to indicate that he would not do a biopsy, but did not feel it was indicated. You could contact him again and request a biopsy for peaceof mind, and to eliminate the possibility of IBC or Paget's.


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Sep 5, 2015 01:50PM - edited Sep 5, 2015 01:51PM by melissadallas

I second the dermatologist suggestion.

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Aug 26, 2015 08:25AM 071655 wrote:

Hi ladies,

Had my appt with surgeon. He said nothing shows up suspicious. Bi-Rad 2. He saw no skin thickening, or a mass or calcification. My breast aren't near as dense anymore. He went thru each mammogram and ultrasound film with hubby and I and explained everything. I asked what he thought about the red breast and the swelling and he said he didn't know, but it appeared to be just on the surface, maybe a minor inflammation. He said he can see red tiny spider veins all in the red area, but that isn't a sign of IBC. He said the skin would look like an orange peel and there would be puckering and skin would be thick. My breast have been this way for 5 or 6 weeks. Sometimes the red fades to a very light pink and then darkens.

He said he has no idea why the breast is red and swollen. I asked him what he would do if I were his mama, wife or daughter. And he said nothing at this point, he said he could do a skin biopsy, but he is positive it would come back negative. So...Come back in three months if still there.

Don't get me wrong he was very very nice and took lots of time with me. And I was very relieved he didn't see any signs of cancer, but still wondering what the heck is going on.

My husband asked me if I wanted to go to get another opinion. He thought maybe there I could get a biopsy or at leastan MRI. I told him if there is nothing there to biopsy why bother. So at this point, I don't see any sense in wasting ours or another doctors time. Maybe the red veins are there because I have rubbed the area when it itches, which it did a lot yesterday.

So we will just keep our eye on it for now.

Thanks and prayers going out to all of you!

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Sep 5, 2015 05:28PM 614 wrote:

Good luck.

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