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Posted on: Jul 30, 2021 12:45PM

Posted on: Jul 30, 2021 12:45PM

midnightcookie wrote:

Hi everyone -

New to this forum, and I need to get a biopsy for a cyst from a recent mammogram and ultrasound. I am sick with worry about this, since I know there would be no need for a biopsy if there wasn't something suspicious-looking. I really have no idea where to go. I am also incredibly anxious about the procedure, and this whole situation. The gynocologist who referred me said I should find a "breast center" but I'm really at a loss, and would rather not go to an actual hospital for this, especially with COVID rates spiking recently. I already contacted one place, but they said they don't offer any type of sedation for the procedure, and I think I would really need something, as I am very afraid of needles, and medical procedures, in general. They also want me to contact the radiology place, and have them mail a CD of the images to them, which will likely take at least a week, assuming the radiology place actually does it in a timely manner. Is this normal practice?

I also had a very rough experience at the radiology clinic where I had the testing done, and I am still in pain from the mammogram and ultrasound days later - not sure whether or not that is normal, but I'm worried that the testing may have actually worsened the issue, and I don't feel comfortable returning to that clinic, even though they offer biopsies at another location. The exam took a really long time, and the ultrasound tech was coming back several times over to repeat the exam on the breast in question, to the point where I was actually in tears from the pain. At no point did they even acknowledge this, or offer me so much as a tissue or reassuring word.

On top of this, I don't even have a regular PCP to guide me (I have been looking for a new one for the past few years, but have yet to find one I like.) I'm really worried about the pain, since I am already having pain in that area, and if the biopsy will leave a scar or aggravate the cyst. I had never had a mammogram before, and I'm surprised that the doctor who referred me did not mention how painful it would be, so I'm even more worried about places downplaying how painful the biopsy might be. My worry over this is also impacting my appetite and sleep.

Any advice and leads would be appreciated, or resources about how to find a place that would be best suited to my needs, in this situation. Thank you!

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Aug 1, 2021 11:40AM salamandra wrote:

I went to MSK and was and continue to be very happy with it. Their breast cancer does not feel to hospital-is. I really appreciate their mental health care unit, that they apparently require insurances to cover whether insurances like it or not. But they'll only keep you as a patient if it's cancer. I originally had my scans at a local Lenox Hill Radiology and got them transferred to MSK when they were malignant.

But for an initial biopsy I think it makes sense to go somewhere that could follow up with you either way, and maybe local is more important. If you definitely want something in Brooklyn I would look at the NYU hospital system, or I believe Mt Sinai may have some Brooklyn locations. Or just go to Lenox Hill Radiology like I did, and spend the time looking for medical care while you're waiting for results. It's maybe not ideal, but if the decision is feeling paralyzing it might be worth it.

In Manhattan I have a friend who was treated at Mt Sinai on the UES and she had a very good experience. I have also heard good things about NYU.

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