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Topic: Middle back/rib pain

Forum: Not Diagnosed But Worried —

Breast cancer symptoms vary widely. According to the American Cancer Society, in addition to a lump, breast cancer symptoms can include swelling, skin irritation, dimpling, breast pain, changes to the nipple, thickening of the breast skin, or unusual nipple discharge. Still, some breast cancers cause no symptoms at all. Note: Please do not post pictures of your symptoms. It's important to have anything unusual checked by your doctor

Posted on: Oct 7, 2021 12:58PM - edited Oct 7, 2021 01:00PM by Shannon412

Shannon412 wrote:

I'm currently awaiting an appointment on the 21st to get more answers but wanted to inquire here if anyone else is having excruciating back/rib pain? It's on the side of the affected breast with two lumps. I have scoliosis but it's lumbar. Including that because I'm used to a degree of back pain/discomfort everyday and I've built up a tolerance to it. So for me to notice my back hurting it has to be hurting pretty bad. I can't tell if it's my liver because it does feel like my ribs, but it's a deep sharp aching feeling that gets worse at times and it's when I'm just sitting and resting. I also have shooting pains in my armpit and shoulder along with breast throbbing where the lumps are. If anyone else is experiencing this can you comment and let me know? Thanks in advance!

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Oct 13, 2021 01:38PM clarebarez wrote:

Hi Shannon,

Try to do US first. If it comes clean then try rehab doctor, it might be muscular issues. Ive had pain in my back too, at the side of where my breast hurts also. My breast lumps are cluster of cysts.

An OB diagnosed me costochondritis when she pressed my ribs and i was in agony. That's after my US came clean.

I tried Rehab too and had 12 sessions at the back and pectoralis muscles specially at the left part. after that it went okay. I had muscle issues due to the nature of my work where I always use computer.

Prayers for you.

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