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Posted on: May 9, 2022 10:48PM

Posted on: May 9, 2022 10:48PM

ruby1329 wrote:

Hi everyone!

I’m a 28F and have been experiencing what I can only describe as a bruise-like, dull pain on my right breast which is concentrated more so on the upper, inner side, near the sternum that radiates to the left side of the nipple (but doesn’t touch the nipple or areola).

Three months ago, my boyfriend laid his head on my right breast and I felt a sharp pain. I figured I had potentially hit my breast on something and tried to not obsess over it (I suffer from health anxiety). Since then, the pain has gone from a sharp pain to a dull pain that usually only hurts when I press on it.

I have gained at least 15 pounds since November (happy relationship weight lol), which has resulted in my breast getting larger. I sized up in my bras hoping this would help the pain and I haven’t noticed too much of a difference. I do have some upper back pain on that side that feels muscular. I lift weights and have wondered if I potentially hurt my chest/back but I’m not sure if that would effect my breast.

That being said, last week I had enough and scheduled a doctors appointment. My doctor gave me a breast exam, but felt nothing. She did say my breasts weren’t dense at all so it would be easy to feel a lump should it be there. To ease my mind she referred me for an ultrasound, which I have scheduled for this Thursday.

I guess my question is, has anyone ever felt this type of pain before? I have no other symptoms, but of course Dr. Google has me convinced I have breast cancer, specifically inflammatory breast cancer.

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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May 13, 2022 07:48AM moderators wrote:

Hi Ruby! Welcome, and sorry you didn't get any answers from other members yet. We're bumping your thread so more people will see it and you are more likely to receive a response. Did you get your ultrasound donde? Please, come back to let us know how it went.

Wishing you well and hope to hear from you again soon.

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