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Posted on: Jul 4, 2022 07:24AM

Posted on: Jul 4, 2022 07:24AM

irene90 wrote:

Hi all, first time writing in here .

I’ll try keep it short.

I just turned 32 . I breastfed for 1 year stopped 2 years ago. My grandmother had breast cancer in her 70’s . 4 weeks ago I had a one off dark brown discharge from my left breast . It happened in the shower, found it on my finger then I squeezed the breast and it was actually coming from the Montgomery spots just at the base of the nipple .

Nothing since . I was seen at the Brest clinic. They squeezed my nipple , white milk came out, dipstick was negative for blood , had an ultrasound of that area which was normal . I have a lump which I had for 12 years, biopsed twice in two different countries and confirmed fibroadenoma.

They basically said: be vigilant , if it happens a second time we’ll see you again and most likely do a total duct excision.

Does this seem a reasonable approach? I am nurse and I have had people my age with breast cancer, it’s rare but it’s at the back of my mind .

I’m in the U.K. , but going back home to Italy next week and I have booked an appointment with a breast doctor plus ultrasound just to see what they say .

Should I go back to the Brest clinic and demand the duct excision, or waiting to see if it happens again . Would it keep happening if it was cancer? I was definitely ovulating the day it happened ..but not sure what to make it out that .

Another option could be to go private here in the U.K. but I’m not sure if I can actually afford it and it would be the very last option.

Thanks for your time xx hope somebody some words of wisdom to share with me

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Jul 5, 2022 05:45AM moderators wrote:

Hi Irene, and welcome to We are sorry that these changes to your breast health have brought you here, and glad that you reached out. With this post, we're bumping your topic to the first positions so more members can see it and you have a better chance of a reply. Anyway, please keep in mind that most breast changes are not related to cancer, specially at such young age, so try not to worry too much.

Please update us after your appointment and let us know what you learn.

Thinking of you,

The Mods

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