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Topic: Sugar, Your Love is My Drug

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Posted on: May 18, 2012 02:59AM

stephN wrote:

I was reading something the other day about how sugar hits the dopamine receptors in our brain like a healthy dose of xanax.  No wonder it's my drug of choice.  I'm stressed, I reach for the chocolate.  I'm happy, let's have a cookie.  I'm mad at my husband, where are the durned cupcakes??

I can't give up sugar.  And since I've had a hysterectomy/ooph and started AI's I have put on 15 pounds in a flat second.  Pounds I should've lost instead of gained.  I *have* to give it up.

Please don't tell me just stop eating it.  This is a serious struggle.  I need some strategies from other people who are struggling with the same thing.  What are you doing that is helping you to eat right?

I've cut out all the processed foods.  I've cut out non-organic veggies and fruits.  I've stopped eating any meat that wasn't grass-fed locally.  I've even stopped drinking my once a week, the kids are gone to the movies, I'm gonna celebrate glass of wine.  But sugar...your love, your love, your my drug.


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May 18, 2012 03:34AM Linda1966 wrote:

Id try to find a sugar replacement powder to cook the desert foods you like.  If your favorites dont taste as good as before, it might help you cut down on the comfort food to a degree. And if you do like the sugar replacement, then at the very least those extra calories wont be in the food and that 15 pounds will dissappear as fast as it appeared.

I do occasionally go on a chocolate binge, but for the most part the only thing I would add sugar to would be my once every 6 months cup of tea and I figure that wont hurt lol. Ive thought about the huge amount of cookies, cakes etc that I have eaten over the years and have come to the conclusion I buy that sort of thing cause its premade and I dont have to put any effort in other than opening a packet. The reality is a freshly prepared fruit salad is just as delicious if not more so, but it takes precious time and energy to prepare so it gets ignored till the fruit in the fridge goes brown and soggy lol. Maybe thats just me being a lazy cow though. Still for you, perhaps making a rule in your house that the only food of that nature that is allowed in the door is what you prepare yourself, get the sugar replacement to cook with and see what happens.

Hope this helps give you some ideas. Im not sure how healthy sugar replacements are, or whether they are carcinogenic or not, but at the very least they dont have the calories that sugar does.

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