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Topic: What I want and what I should eat are two different things.

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Posted on: Jun 18, 2015 03:17PM

karabesque wrote:

I have been reading a lot of threads of folks so concerned and hung up on what they are eating. Things like portion size and how many carbs, calories, fat, etc they are consuming seems to be more important than whether you are you eating at all. I know that I should be eating mostly alkaline, vegan, raw, gluten, dairy, sugar and chemical free foods but all I want is cheese and bread. And some days that is all I eat. But I am eating! And I know I need other things like fruits and veggies but they do not sound good and my belly really doesn't want to accept it. I am one week post AC#3. I feel like I can get my healthy diet back on track after chemo or on those days that my belly can handle it. I am honoring my body and not forcing foods that make me feel ill. So for now I am living on bread, cheeses, pasta and watermelon. I do try and make a green smoothie every day but days 1-7 after treatment my belly does not want it. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I doing my body harm? It is such a labyrinth of info...

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Jun 18, 2015 03:26PM Nancy2581 wrote:

my MO told me to eat anything I wanted during chemo. In fact she told me to go eat a bag of chips for the salt ( to retain water). They definitely want you eating during chemo so definitely eat what appeals to you


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Jun 18, 2015 06:23PM MelissaDallas wrote:

Your body maintains a tight acid balance, so the alkaline stuff is a myth. There isn't much convincing evidence I've seen that vegan or raw has much advantage either. Your body needs significant amounts of protein to heal & it would be difficult to get that on vegan/raw. Sugar isn't evil either. It is maintaining a health blood glucose level & that is about carbs in general.

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