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Topic: Advice re which oil please?

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Posted on: Dec 3, 2017 10:39AM

NicolaSue wrote:

I do most of the earning at home and my other half does most of the cooking. Since my LCIS diagnosis we've tried to be careful. We've cut out red meat and cut down alcohol. We now get organic veg and he prepares them. I've noticed that he's frying a lot of veg and/or cooking in butter.

I told him that I thought some oils and butter sources were worse than others and we need to be careful. He seems to be of the opinion however that as we are getting organic veg it doesn't matter what it's prepared in!

Can anyone recommend the types of oil/butter that should be used or avoided for cooking?

Many thanks!

LCIS diagnosed Spring 2017. Vacuum excision biopsy. First follow up mammo 2018 - clear
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Dec 3, 2017 08:41PM gb2115 wrote:

This is my understanding--keeping in mind that the field of nutrition is very fluid with a lot of it coming down to who you ask. Most of the studies rely on people remembering or correctly reporting what they eat, and I can tell you from experience that such circumstances lead to error!!

Anyway, a lot of the research on oils and cancer risk appear inconclusive without direct cause and effect. I think theoretically the idea is that when oils are heated the compounds cause oxidation in the cells. Your body handles that via antioxidants, which you get from eating things like fruits and vegetables...so eating junk plus a ton of cooking oil is not so hot. But cooking oils as part of a reasonable diet makes sense What we do at home is vary our eating...and use what works with the recipe. We do a lot of olive oil (not extra virgin for frying or high heat), some veg oil (some recipes need the bland flavor a straight vegetable oil gives) and then butter.

A lot of people are jumping on the coconut oil bandwagon but I haven't seen sufficient evidence to declare it a miracle food. But when it works with your recipe, why not? That said I made this homemade peanut butter cup recipe once that used coconut oil and it was nasty. Coconut and peanuts... yuck!!

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Dec 4, 2017 06:07PM Manu14 wrote:

While I am a big advocate for olive oil, I do not use it for sauteeing or frying anything needing high heat. It breaks down under high heat plus doesn’t taste very good. I use either organic canola oil or unrefined organic coconut oil. Either of these stand up to highheat well.

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Dec 5, 2017 03:31AM NicolaSue wrote:

Hi both - that's really really helpful advice! Thank you so much. gb you say you use olive oil but not extra virgin - why is that?

LCIS diagnosed Spring 2017. Vacuum excision biopsy. First follow up mammo 2018 - clear
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Dec 7, 2017 09:18PM Bluebird-DE wrote:

With some oils the omega 3s and 6s are out of balance. Best oils are coconut, olive, walnut, avacado, ghee and butter. Cold pressed. If you want coconut oil without the flavour use refined. Though that is less in healing properties when refined. But use cold pressed.

Canola only if organic since it is genetically modieid otherwise and is produced using hexane so organic and a lesser choice. Canola is derived from a family of rapeseed oil which is why it is called canola instead. Rapeseed is relative to poison mustard family. We never touch it.

Omega 6 4x less than your omega 3 choices is the balance. Organic. Non-GMO. Cold pressed. Store most oils in refrigerator to slow or mprevent rancidnewss and oxidation. All this helps.

Flaxseed oil is healthy too. But highly estrogenic. So I avoid it. But flaxseed fresh ground meal has positive health properties to bind.

Here's a page I agree with. Please ignore their links, its not mine. But great reading. Then see the page on healthy for more info.



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Dec 8, 2017 08:28AM NicolaSue wrote:

Thank you Diane!

LCIS diagnosed Spring 2017. Vacuum excision biopsy. First follow up mammo 2018 - clear

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