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Topic: Share your stories from the heart

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Posted on: Jan 14, 2015 11:55AM

Moderators wrote:

During the month of February we would like to feature stories that have touched your heart! Sometimes, during difficult times, there are stories that lift our spirits and provide us with a sense of well being. The stories may come spontaneously from partners, parents, siblings, friends, nurses, doctors, community, members, peers, or even pets. Please share a story with us that enriched you, may have surprised you, made you smile or feel stronger or simply supported you during your breast cancer experience.

Please email us at or PM the Moderators, and don't forget to include a good quality photograph that best represents you or your story. We will be posting the stories here:

Thanks, The Mods

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Jan 16, 2015 12:52AM Moderators wrote:


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Jan 16, 2015 07:48AM Moderators wrote:

We REALLY want to hear your stories!

So don't be shy, send us a private message if you need help with it


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Jan 18, 2015 04:07PM Jazzygirl wrote:

During my treatment 2 years ago, I had a professional colleague and friend, whom we will call Kay, whom really help me during everything I went through. Although we were not super close friends at the time I got diagnosed, she readily stepped up to visit me in the hospital, took me to the doctor when I needed the ride, checked in on my home when I had to go out of state for treatment, called periodically to ask how I was doing, and so much more. She was one of those people who showed up and just said "what do you need, how can I help?"

During that time and then the months after as I tried to get back more into my life, Kay was also really wonderful about inviting me out for things I might enjoy, to help me take my mind off of all I was going through or coming through. To go to a concert, a movie, a play, etc. Many women here know that finding your new normal after bc treatment is no easy job, yet having someone to help me with some simple outings really made it so much easier to ease back into life.

Somehow, we always seem to think the ones we are closest too will be our best support during the difficult times, yet, there are people who will show up in ways you never expect during cancer treatment. What I never knew about Kay was that she had supported many a person going through cancer treatment in her church and other communities. She knew how to just be present with what was happening, was never afraid to be around me or try to tell me what I needed to be doing along the way. I will say I was surprised, pleased, and will be forever grateful to her. She was one of my angels during my greatest time of need.

We have continued to be friends, and are even better ones as time has gone on.

Dx 9/14/2012, DCIS, 1cm, Stage 0, Grade 1, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Dx 9/14/2012, IDC, <1cm, Stage IA, Grade 1, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 11/15/2012 Lymph node removal: Right, Sentinel Surgery 11/15/2012 Lymph node removal: Left, Sentinel Surgery 11/15/2012 Lumpectomy: Left, Right Radiation Therapy 1/7/2013 Breast Radiation Therapy 2/25/2013 Breast Hormonal Therapy 3/21/2013 Arimidex (anastrozole), Aromasin (exemestane)

Jan 18, 2015 05:52PM Moderators wrote:

Thank you Jazzygirl for that touching story of your lovely friend Kay. She sounds like a very special person whose efforts to help deserve to be recognized. You are very lucky to have had her in your life.

We would love to hear of any similar or different stories that touched your heart from other members.

The Mods

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Jan 20, 2015 05:14AM Moderators wrote:

Any more stories you have to share, we would really love to hear them Smile

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Feb 5, 2015 06:07AM Sleeplessnites wrote:

hi, I have joined this forum due to my mum being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer to her liver she is currently on 18 weeks of Taxol and then all going well will go onto hormone tablets. I would just like to hear from other people given the same fate as I can't see past tomorrow at the moment and my mum is coping at all. Thanks please get in touch

Surgery 11/3/2011 Lymph node removal: Left; Mastectomy: Left Dx 12/2014, Stage IV Chemotherapy 12/9/2014 Taxol (paclitaxel)

Feb 5, 2015 07:34AM Moderators wrote:

Hi Sleeplessnites, welcome to! We're sorry for you and for your mum's diagnosis, but glad you found this community for information and support.

There is a topic called Weekly Taxol group where you'll find other members under this same treatment that can help you with their personal experiences and support. Feel free to post and introduce your self there, they'll welcome you with open arms.

The Mods

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Feb 10, 2015 08:08PM - edited Feb 13, 2015 02:14AM by EmptyNester68

This Post was deleted by EmptyNester68.

Feb 10, 2015 10:16PM - edited Feb 11, 2015 02:04AM by Moderators

Dear emptynester68 we are sorry to hear of what you have been through, especially your mother's diagnosis, and what you are worried about now. Be wary of what you read on the net as some is very scary and sometimes wrong. We hope your biopsy in a few weeks is benign and it is, as you think, some kind of rash that you Doctor can help with.

You would be better posting in pagets disease..very very worried! That Topic will most likely give you the feedback you need.

This Topic is for stories that have touched your heart - generally we are wanting stories that enriched you, may have surprised you, made you smile or feel stronger or simply supported you during your breast cancer experience.

Wishing you the best.

The Mods

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Feb 11, 2015 12:40PM - edited Feb 11, 2015 12:50PM by Pebbles26

Hello, I am a newbie here, but I read your words above, and I have no idea about the rash, I had 2 small red bumps on my left breast about 5 months ago, and then a rash, it all went away, and I have no hardness or pain there, and likely for me, it was a spider bite. Since, I felt compelled to place actual "spider traps" around my home, and sleep a little better lol. I will pray for you just to let you in on that one, I do know everyone has their own beliefs. Well, my story: I am going tomorrow for a Core Biopsy, I have a nodule, irregular shape, with blood supply, in my left breast. It showed up by palpation, and on mammogram all this week. Biopsy is awaiting approval from my insurance needless to say. So, I have concerns, and he wants to leave a titanium, or carbon marker there as well. Now, my mother just had a lumpectomy and treatment for cancer last year, and HER mother had breast CA with mastectomy. So, I am trying to "school" myself here, and this lead me to this website, and I am at awe of all the people this affects but what a blessing to be able to talk to others and give support and knowledge. looks like I am in for a possible battle. So I am concerned and am new at all of this. I do have my faith, my spiritual belief in God, and healing so lets see what happens this week.


Feb 12, 2015 11:58AM - edited Feb 12, 2015 12:56PM by Moderators

My mom has always been the strongest woman I know. She is a friend, a sister, a personal chef, a comedian, a provider, a role model, a fitness enthusiast, and now a warrior. For most of my life, I have seen her work two jobs everyday, to put food on the table and make sure her family was taken care off. My sister and I owe our strength and go getter attitude to this spirit which she has instilled in us.
Recently, my mom was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, after finding a large lump (3.7 cm) in her breast. Most common type of treatable breast cancers have either postive estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, and/or HER2 receptors. This type of cancer is unique in that it is negative in all three of these receptors (making the root of it hard to target) and is also extremely aggressive.
To treat this type of cancer, is a four-step process. First chemotherapy of atleast 6 sessions, then lumpectomy to remove the breast, and then radiation followed by reconstructive surgery.
Her main concern during this arduous process is not the pain from chemo and multiple surgeries, but, it is missing time from work. My mom works with kids at a daycare, and since kids are more prone to illness/infections, the surgeon has advised it will be best during her chemo, to not be in this environment. As she is the sole provider, this has been an extremely hard fact for her to accept.

This news also came at a very bad time. I have been in the process of helping my mom purchase her very first home. Currently, we have had to put the purchase at a standstill, till we can better anticipate future costs.

I would like to help my mom focus on getting better without having to worry about missing work and other financial burdens for once in her life. I am estimating she will need atleast 30k to be comfortable for the year, of which, 15k I can contribute. Thank you for reading my story and keeping us in your prayers. Ofcourse anything helps!


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Feb 12, 2015 01:00PM Moderators wrote:

BUMP! Still looking for more stories from the heart!

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Feb 13, 2015 02:12AM - edited Feb 13, 2015 02:12AM by EmptyNester68

This Post was deleted by EmptyNester68.

Feb 13, 2015 02:13AM EmptyNester68 wrote:


Thank you!! New to blogging and new to sharing personal information with strangers... saw the communication and just posted in a desperate search for information from anyone who has experienced Paget's. I pray that whatever your diagnosis and/or prognosis is that you will soon find yourself resting, recovering, relaxing and reflecting in sunshine with those who matter most to you. :)

Feb 16, 2015 12:26PM mellis wrote:

Hello, I'm new to the site and have been reading through posts to find a situation similar to mine. I've been looking for as much info about papillary neoplasm as possible. I had a core needle biopsy on 2/6. I got the results back via phone on 2/9/15. My next doctors appointment is on 2/20/15. It's hard not to be terrified about this. I was told that the neoplasm was not cancerous but when I spoke with my primary doctor she slipped and said it was....then tried to retract the statement after she realized I was getting upset. At this point, I'm just confused and waiting for my next appointment. After reading through your site, I've made list of questions to take to my first visit. I'm pretty sure that I'll at least need a lumpectomy. My husband and the president of a breast cancer support group that I've volunteered with for a few years now will be joining me at my first doctor's visit.

Feb 16, 2015 12:48PM Moderators wrote:

Hi Mellis,

If you use the search function on our boards with the keywords "papillary neoplasm" you'll find a handful of posts from other members that may be able to help you with this diagnosis.

All -- As this thread was originally created as a request for heartwarming stories for the month of February, and has gotten off track, we're going to lock this thread. Please post your questions in appropriate forums with appropriate thread titles, where you'll be more likely to receive helpful answers and advice, specific to your situation.

We hope this helps!

--The Mods

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