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Topic: Nipple Tenderness After Lumpectomy

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Posted on: Sep 16, 2008 08:02PM, edited Sep 16, 2008 08:04PM by KAK

KAK wrote:

I had a lumpectomy on 8/14 & started radiation on 9/15, just yesterday.  My surgeon made the lumpectomy incision around the edge of the nipple & sutured it with dissolving thread.  The rationale was that when the incision healed, it would be barely visible along the natural border of the nipple.  However, my nipple has been hard & sensitive pretty much non-stop since the surgery.  I've used ice; I massage the scar with scar gel; I got a great tip from another thread here to try Oragel on it (which works!).  I've got some great cotton & spandex tops (like leotards without the crotch) that provide some gentle, hugging support. All this stuff helps, but I'd like to hear from other women with this experience.  Any suggestions?  Does this go away?  My surgeon says it will, but I wonder how long it will take.  Other survivor friends with similar experiences said it took ages.

If I'd been given an informed choice, I'd rather have had an incision on another part of my breast & not had the most sensitive part of my breast cut into!!

Trying to laugh each day,


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Sep 17, 2008 09:48AM Beth1128 wrote:

Kathi..I had my lumpectomy at 6 oclock around the bottom of nipple also and agree she did a great job(DR TG? did u have her too?>) and it looks great however it STILL is very sensitive and sore....its been since June 17th and its STILL very sensitive ..I even told my husband its OK to "ignore" that side lol.....Im having my re-excision on Tuesday and I believe she is going right back in the same way....Im going to try the oragel I hadnt seen that post...thanks! .Beth

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Mar 21, 2009 01:23PM Roberta77 wrote:

I had a lumpectomy and the incision on the bottom and side of the nipple. My nipple is partially retracted and extremely sore. My lumpectomy was nearly 4 months ago and my nipple area is virtually untouchable. It itches a lot so I presume it is healing somewhat.

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Mar 23, 2009 03:01PM KAK wrote:

Roberta, I used a topical anesthetic on mine for quite a while which actually helped a lot.  You can get OraGel or some equivalent form of 20% benzocaine.  Also, keep icing it from time to time with a nice, cloth-covered gel coldpack.

I'm 7 months out & I'm only just getting to the point where I could let someone else touch me to work out some of the scar tissue.  It will get better.

Kathi: lumpectomy 8/14/08, finished rads 10/6/08; started tamoxifen 10/27/08, stopped tamoxifen 9/23/09; feel much better now. Dx 7/24/2008, DCIS, 1cm, Stage 0, Grade 3, 0/0 nodes, ER+
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Mar 25, 2009 05:09PM Roberta77 wrote:

I have been looking at ways to reduce the scar tissue so my nipple can stand up fully and massage is one thing I am considering but am still WAAAYYY  too tender to have anyone touch me there. I can barely touch myself, though on occasion I have been able to lightly massage it. I also bought some gel that is supposed to help break down the scar tissue.

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Jul 24, 2011 10:21AM themusteach wrote:

I too am having the same soreness and tried (believe it or not) hemmeroidal ointment and it's helping!  Damn near screamed putting it on with a q tip but found instant relief.  Makes sense since it "shrinks swelling"  which my nipple and aerola is swollen and the ingredients also show thyme oil which is proving to b  soothing.  Next time i do it i will take tylenol b4 applying.....

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Sep 11, 2011 10:44AM truebff wrote:

I had lumpectomy three weeks ago and my main area of pain is just under aerola, which is swollen and distored and has deep lump inside, like the nerve endings were bunched up and squeezed back together. So far, the only remedy that works is pain med. Very frustrating.

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