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Topic: tissue expander problem

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Posted on: Aug 3, 2009 02:41AM

6cooks wrote:

I have not posted in forever but I had to ask if anyone has had this complication with their expander.  I had surgery July 6th,  Left mascectomy and bilateral TE's ( Had R masc in Dec 08).  I went last week for my 3rd fill.  The plastic surgeon was unable to access the port.  He kept trying to jam in the needle and it would just hit metal but not go in.  I had been having a lot of problems with swelling around the expander, the 2 previous visits they had drained 150cc of fluid from around the expander before the even filled them.  The surgeon thinks that the expander flipped over.  He thought that maybe because of all the fluid, the expander was able to flip over and that he was hitting the backside of the expander which is metal.  Now I have to go back in next week to have the expander flipped back over or replaced if it is defective.  Has anyone heard of this happening?  My PS said he has never seen it happen before.

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Aug 11, 2009 02:21PM christytate wrote:

I had problems with my expander too.A couple of times it was hard for my nurse to access the port but did get it after several trys.I had alot of pain and now 7 mos after my exchange to implants that side is higher and shifted slightly under my arm which causes pain and problems wearing a bra.I dont know if the pain is worth having surgery again to correct it or not.I have never heard of the expander flipping but it wouldn't surprise me.

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