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Topic: Surgical Removal of Intraductal Papilloma

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Posted on: Mar 5, 2011 06:56PM

TwoTimer wrote:

Some histotry:  A couple of years ago I had DCIS in my right breast and had surgery and radiation.  There is some disfigurement but mostly that breast is just smaller than the left.  I thought about having some reconstruction done but there was calcification found in my left breast just recently. 

From there an ultrasound found a cyst so I had a needle biopsy for the calcification and a core needle biopsy to remove the cyst.  From there, the tests found an intraductal papilloma.  The nurse practictioner told me that it was like a little wart in the milk duct and they (she & the surgeon) recommend it be removed.  She simplified it by saying the surgeon would make a little incision and just take it out. 

About 15 years or so ago I found a lump in this same breast and an incision was made around the nipple to remove it.  It was benign.  I asked if the incision could be made in that same spot because I didn't want any additional scars.  So she did...well it was right above the initial incision instead of right on it. Now as I've healed, to my great surprise, I'm left with a great indention at the surgery site.  I had not idea this was even a possibility and I'm quite surprised I wasn't told this was possible when I expressed a concern about the incision and scarring.  The surgery 15 years ago to remove an actual lump left only the incision around the nipple and it was hardly noticeable but there was no disfigurement whatsoever.  I have not spoken with the surgeon about this yet.

 Has anyone here had surgery to remove an intraductal papilloma and if so was your breast left disfigured?  I'm very upset about this and now feel like I need reconstruction on both breasts.

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Mar 8, 2011 08:40AM Delilahbear wrote:

Two Timer- I had intraductal pappilomatisis. Had a needle aspiration first then about 1year later it had gotten so big they did excisional lumpectomy and it had sclerosis. This biopsy was done through small incision on left areola, actually just above it. 2 1/2 years later another pappiloma began to leak through the left nipple. BS went through previous incision and removed the duct. This was on left breast and had no disfigurement or indentation. Almost a year to the day on previous ductal incision, the right nipple started to leak. This set off whole chain of mammos, Ultra Sounds, MRI, and subsequent US guided wire biopsies, bilaterally, and the radiologist and ultra sound tech told me that pappilomas were so dense that I would have repeated biopsies, yearly MRI's, and mammo every 6months. The subsequent biopsies would leave me disfigured and requiring plastic surgery. I chose BMX as I felt there was something they were missing and would eventually require them anyhow. Due to the degree of pappilomatosis, I was covered by insurance. While the reconstruction has been anything but a walk in the park, my PS and BS have been wonderful and PS is perfectionist. I have a leaking saline implant now and once it is replaced will be done after several years of everything and would not change a thing.
Hope your indentation fills in, otherwise a visit to PS might give you a solution.
Sorry for the too much info. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your concerns.

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Mar 8, 2011 12:36PM REKoz wrote:

ME! (raises hand) Thought I'd chime in here since you have only gotten one reply. I hope my experience makes you feel better about surgical removal of papillomas.

I should begin by saying that I was not what you would call very well endowed. That was really the determining factor in my surgical decision. I had about 1.2cm IDC admixed with 3cm DCIS in the bottom inner quandrant of the left breast. Then I learned that I had 2 papillomas- each having their very own quadrants. Guess what would be left of a smaller breast having 3/4 of it removed? So rather than having to make the lumpectomy v mastectomy decision, my issue became should I do one or both.

 I do believe that some papilloma's can turn cancerous but don't quote me on that. Its been awhile since I've read up on them and thanks to this cancer treatment, my memory stinks!  Anyway, I was told that without question, they HAD to come out. Every MD in the cancer center and my gyno were adament. 

I'm so sorry that having them removed has caused the appearance of your breast to give you heartache. I can imagine that it would be difficult for you. I would certainly recommend that you see a Plastic Surgeon if you continue to feel this way,

Best, Ellen

BMX 11/08, Abraxane/Carbo/x4 1/09 Herceptin until 1/10, Recon w expanders-1st exchange Dec. 09. Revision from 700 Style 20 to 600 Style 45-Oct 10 Dx 10/16/2008, IDC, 1cm, Stage IB, Grade 3, 0/5 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+

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