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Posted on: Feb 17, 2022 01:18AM

Posted on: Feb 17, 2022 01:18AM

buzzer wrote:

Hi All!

New here and would like your help.

My diagnosis is/was IDC, Both Hor +, Her2-, Grade 1 and with slow growth. I am 44. Removal of one or both breasts was never needed as a slow growth/slow spread tumor and no indications it's anywhere.

Had my lumpectomy with sentinel node removal (2 nodes removed) a week ago. Got my pathology and post ops results back... Not ideal...

Some pre cancerous cells very near the skin, some micrometastasis to the 2 lymph nodes that were removed.

My case is going to the tumor board today and I will get treatment reccomendation on Friday.

Surgeon said that the board may propose some/all of the following:

1) Removal of more lymph nodes (axillary dissection)

2) Extensive radiation (so also to armpit and upper chest area to kill all cancer cells in lymphnodes)

3) No oncotype scoring as chemo anyway not recommended in my case given the slow growth (and oncotype not so commonly used in my country anyway)

4) Re excision to remove more skin and catch more precancerous cells

5) A much harsher hormone treatment (something to put me on immediate menopause followed by super strong hormone med).

What am I missing? What questions should I ask?

Thank you for reading me and for your precious suggestions.

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Feb 18, 2022 06:25AM buzzer wrote:

Hi all!

Got my call back from the Tumor Board.

1) No further surgery recommended.

A. For the breasts the surgery will not necessarily remove the IDCS cells and these will be tackled by radiation.

B. For the lymphnodes, the likelihood that the micrometastasis are elsewhere is so small that the SE from a total node removal are not worth it. Again radiation should take care of them.

2. Hormone therapy suggested Tamoxifen vs the menopause inducing drugs+heavier hormone therapy.

I am very relieved with these news BUT cannot help but wonder if we are not being "soft". Am discussing all with my Gyno later today to get another opinion.

Thank you for any suggestions you have.

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