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Topic: African American Women & Triple Negative Status

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Black Women with Breast Cancer who want to connect.

Posted on: Dec 2, 2007 07:19PM - edited Dec 2, 2007 07:19PM by TripleNeg

TripleNeg wrote:

Wow, I've been away from the boards for a while and had to create a new user account and was pleasantly surprised to find this link. I'm stage 4 with triple negative breast cancer. I don't know if anyone has started a discussion about that here or not. 

Just to introduce myself and how I ended up here. I had a breast reduction in 2005 and right before discharge, the doctor told me they found breast cancer in the tissue they removed. The Oncologist that I went to told me that I didn't need chemo only a mastectomy. So I belived him and 10 months later, I researched triple negative breast cancer and found out that I should have had chemo but it was too late. Insurance said no. I requested a CT scan and low and behold, there was the breast cancer in my lungs. I did high dose chemo in October of 2006 and went into remission for 10 months and it came back again. I did chemo in November 2007, resigned my job, signed up for disability and now I'm stable. I share all of this just so you would know a little about me and where I am now in this battle for my life.

I've had several friends who've recently passed away; 2 in one week and now 2 in hospice. It's not what I envisioned for my life at age 42 but, God is able to turn this around and keep me here for many years to come. Stephanie

p.s. Here'a link I wanted to share with you regarding Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Knowledge is power; spread the word!


"The girl who became emotionally distraught, and wavered at each new set of circumstances is now grown up, a woman who has learned to rely on God's sovereignty" Joni Eareckson Tada
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Sep 3, 2018 04:44PM patoo wrote:

Hello all.

iLinda, praying that all went well for you. Let us know when you get some time meanwhile still lifting you up.


"for we live by faith, not by sight" - 2 Corinthians 5:7 Dx 10/24/2008, ILC, 1cm, Stage IB, Grade 1, 0/5 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Hormonal Therapy 2/12/2009 Arimidex (anastrozole) Radiation Therapy 4/2/2009 Breast Surgery Lumpectomy: Right; Lymph node removal: Right, Sentinel
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9 hours ago lLinda wrote:

Hello patoo and hello to all. Just thought I would check in! On my last post, I needed a Venogram, that went well , however the port incision got an infection, had 2 rounds of antibiotics, it is still a little seeping, the surgeon, says it will heal, so still no port. I went for my Herceptin yesterday , 1st time in 2 months, I think I fretted about that. In that time my husband has been diagnosed with Lung cancer and "here we go , a new journey!"

I can't believe August! A whirlwind of appointments, he is on chemo and doing as well as can be expected. His attitude is good. Keep us in your prayers , "Thank you please!!!

Patoo, always Thanks for your prayers!

Be Blessed,


LINDA C Dx 11/17/1998, DCIS, 1cm, Stage IIIA, ER-/PR-, HER2+

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