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Topic: CT Scan Today Showed Liver Low Attenuation.

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Posted on: Jul 5, 2007 01:34PM

PixieDust wrote:

Hello all. I'm the hubby of a 34 yr old precious woman who was dx'd Friday with IDC high grade 3 ER/PR + Her2 Amplified. I'm going to post in the newly diagnosed forum more details of our story, but for now I'm interested in if the wonderful members here could decipher our CT Scan reports today. I believe they are actually quite optimistic and that the liver thing is probably harmless, but I'd like all of your opinions on this. My wife at this stage is still in shock from friday and is very emotionally sensitive to everything right now. I'm being her primary filter for all news/encouragement etc and am learning as much as I can to be there for her best I can. In this case she's freaking out merely because she heard the word 'Liver', but I'm convinced this is harmless. Thanks for your help and I'll be getting to know you all a lot better I'm sure. Here's the two reports:

CT Chest:
Left breast density presumably relates to the patient's recent surgery. No significant hilar or mediastinal adenopathy is seen. No pleural effusion is seen. No pericardial effusion is seen. No infiltrate is seen. No lung nodules are seen.
CONCLUSION: Recent left breast surgery. No evidence of metastatic disease.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis:
There is at least one right renal calculus seen. This is in the lower pole and is not obstructing. There is a possible second right renal calculus. No solid renal mass is seen. No hydronephrosis is seen. The adrenal glands are normal. The pancreas is normal. No gallstones are seen. The spleen is normal. There is a small low attenuation density peripherally posteriorly right lobe of the liver. There is a possible small right renal cyst. The aorta is normal. No significant adenopathy is seen. Pelvic structures are normal for the patient's age. No significant bowel lesions are seen.
CONCLUSION: Small peripheral low attenuation density right lobe of the liver. This could represent a hemangioma. An ultrasound examination of the liver is suggested. Small right renal calculi are seen as well as a possible right renal cyst.
Dx at age 34, 1.2cm,.6cm,.5mm, LVI, 4 AC, 12 weekly Taxol, Rads, Herceptin, Lapatinib, Tomoxofin Dx 6/28/2007, IDC, 1cm, Stage II, Grade 3, 2/23 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+
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Jul 6, 2007 07:34AM tos wrote:

I cannot help with your questions but I just wanted to say what a wonderful support you are for your wife. That means so much to us.
My hubby is a good caregiver but no way would he get online and ask questions on a board, good for you!
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Jul 6, 2007 09:19AM cheryl58 wrote:

Hi there! Wow, that could be my report. I have a hemangioma in my liver and a renal (kidney) cyst. This was shown on my initial CT scan before chemo. My oncologist (but only for my piece of mind because I kept bringing it up to her) rescanned me after chemo. The lesions did not change at all. Because they were unaffected by the chemo, they do go on the assumption that they are benign. My onc explained that the liver and kidneys are organs that deal with removing waste from the body. Because of that, they can be susceptible to cysts, etc that are completely harmless. Hemangiomas are just a clustered group of blood vessels (like having a birthmark but on your liver) and cysts are fluid-filled.

Please pat yourself on the back for being the "buffer" for your wife! Also, please tell her that we all send our best to her at this very trying time.

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Jul 7, 2007 09:49AM LisaSDCA wrote:

Other than a couple of small kidney stones that are not problematic, she's got an assumed hemangioma (also harmless) that they suggest ultrsounding for confimation. Liver ultrasound is a quick, painless, non-invasive test. I agree that you and your wife can be very much encouraged by this report.
As her initial shock wears off and she begins active treatment, she'll want to play a more active role in decision-making and information-gathering, I would imagine (although some women never do!), so your role as support crew will evolve, but never lessen in importance. Good on ya!

Stage IV mets to brain 11/2008 BRCA-1 positive Dx 1/24/2007, IDC, 2cm, Stage IIA, Grade 3, 0/3 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2-

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