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Topic: Bone density problems after chemo

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Posted on: May 22, 2008 07:49AM

trigeek wrote:

Hi gals,

I am 45 premenopausal, and went through DD AC then Taxol. My dexa scan ( which was taken 4-5 months after my last chemo) showed 'soft bones' the oncologist suggested that I take 1500 ca and 600-900 D3 daily ( in 3 doses) he is not worried yet, and said that if this does not take care of it next year we'll take additional actions. He also said that the tamox would strengthen the bones.

I am very active, I run, cycle, swim .. and weight train ( have not been weight training for about 9 months though)

Not that it would make any difference but I was wondering whether the chemo could cause bone density problems that quickly ? Or maybe I already had beginning of osteoporosis ?

I used to do long distance cycling and sweat a lot and remember reading somewhere that long distance cyclists were at risk for osteorop.. cause of the constant calcium loss from sweating and cycling not being a weight bearing exercise. 

Any thoughts  ?

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May 22, 2008 08:50AM wishiwere wrote:

If you get your calcium in food and supplements and keep up with fluids while you are cycling and before and after, I'd think it shouldn't be low b/c of that.  Although.... if you are over doing it, I mean, really pushing the exercise every day year in and out, then maybe you could?  I didn't help did I? :)

Did they say anything about the Vit D and magnesium?  I've read from others that both of those important to bone health after menopause, so if you are already showing bone deteriation, perhaps you have those levels checked to and make you aren't deficient in either of those.

I believe if you are low calcium, your parathyroid pulls more out of your system (bones) and when you eat to up the amount in your system.  That too can cause heart problems, so you don't want to mess around with your calcium levels. 

Okay, I'm rambling...time to get to my 1/4ly blood tests :(  UGH!!!!!!!!

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May 22, 2008 10:29AM FloridaLady wrote:

I had read about bone loss with certain chemos more than others.  So after the first chemo's I had a bone density test also.  (I have a long family history of osteo)  To my surprise it came back OK. That was 4 chemo's ago and I do wonder where I am at right now with bone loss...

My mother has very bad case of osteo and the meds they gave her ate away her jawbone.  My doctor did discuss this side effect with me.  Because we talked about the same meds for a preventive for breast cancer spreading to bone...after hearing this I said no thanks.  I'll take my chances. Do remember your D also like wishiwere said.  It is hard for our body to take in calcium not in food.


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May 22, 2008 01:28PM trigeek wrote:

Hey Wishi..

I was not taking any supplements ( other than some algae stuff) my hydration was fine and I ate a balanced diet.  I was doing long rides (one 7+ hours and 1-2 3+hour rides in Florida heat) weekly. I had my vitamin D level checked it is at the bottom of the minimum ( 32) so am getting calcium citrate with D3 and magnesium.

I had a test done by my endrochronologist and we'll go  over the results in June to determine supplements.

www.spectracell.com/ -

Functional Intracellular AnalysisTM (FIATM), patented tests for assessing the function of specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within an individual's white blood cells (lymphocytes).

FIATM is the industry's gold standard for evaluating nutritional status. Unlike traditional serum, hair, and urine tests, it provides a complete picture of an individual's functional intracellular nutritional status.

This detailed nutritional information enables clinicians to develop specific appropriate individual treatments for patients."

Good luck in your tests !

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May 22, 2008 02:18PM Lynn12 wrote:

I'm 46 and my gyn ordered a bone density because of all the crap I've been through.  I was shocked that it came back as borderline osteopenia.  He has me on 1000 IU of vitamin D3 and 1,500 mg of calcium per day. 

He also mentioned wieght bearing exercise.  I told him that I like to bicycle, but he said that is not a weight bearing exercise...running, jogging, walking, eliptical are all weight bearing.

Also, he was adamant that I don't buy the vitamin D and calcium that are combined.  He said his experience with women is that they don't alway take the pills 3 times per day and he really wants me to get the vitamin D.  So I bought the D and calcium separately, take the D in the am with my other pills and the calcium in the afternoon and evening.  He's right though, I don't always remember to take all the calcium pills.

He did check my vitamin D level and it came back fine.

Best of luck!

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