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My name is Martha from a website called

We are a site based on the sharing of memories.  You can document your own life or make a tribute to someone else.  We are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by creating a special forum for anyone who wants to come and share their stories and their memories.  For October, we will allow you to actively fund raise on the site.

I hope you come and visit, invite some friends, and help other people who may be going through the same things you are.

Martha Mihaly, - share your memories


  • Wren
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    Not a day goes by that I don't miss my Mother-In-Law, Jeri, who died on New Year's Eve 1997. That was so fitting that she held on until after Christmas; and died on a day where we will always remember.

    She was only 47 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time... and underwent lumpectomy, chemo, radiation... but she was ER/PR negative so there wasn't much else back then they could do.

    Jeri did the Relay for Life every year and became a Cansurmount volunteer. She donated as much of her time as she could to helping others with breast cancer...

    Ten years later the cancer returned metastasized all over, spine/pelvis/neck lymph glands/brain... but Jeri pressed on with more radiation and hope of getting better. Unfortunately she just couldn't fight it any longer.

    She was so angry because she said she didn't want to die; there was so much more to do...

    Then ten years after she died, I was diagnosed with DCIS--and I was only two years younger than she was when she found out... but the first thing I though of wasn't about my health, but about my daughter who now has incredibly horrible odds of getting breast cancer. I just feel so bad for her.

    I am trying to be brave and strong so that I can face whatever challenges come my way in the same way Jeri did.

    I'd asked Jeri to keep a journal of her second time around with her treatments--and she gave it to me before she died... little did I know that it would become my personal inspirational guide.

    Anyway, I have an angel in heaven who has guided and inspired me; and I just wish I could have told her how much I loved and appreciated all she did for us (in spite of having cancer) when she was alive.

    Someday I think I'd like to publish her journal (or parts of it) to show the unique way she coped with her treatments and prognosis.


  • celia088
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    Your Mother-in-Law, Jeri, has been added to the List of Angels in Commemorating Loved Ones.  I am sorry for your loss.


  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
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    sorry, double post

  • wishiwere
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    {{Wren}} What a very loving story you tell of your dmil, Jeri.  I'm sure you have both given your dd a clear understanding of love, family and hope, which is something every child needs first and foremost.  I keep hoping that by the time my dd and granddaughters reach my age, they'll have easier ways to find and treat and/or prevent this beast before they need to get treatments! 

    I had to say it was strange reading your story at first, b/c I lost my father on New's Year morning.  He did everything in his power to make it through the Christmas season, b/c he didn't want ANY of us family to remember that season he loved as the time he died.  He is still so missed, but in a loving and story filled way.  There are never ending stories when we get together as family of him.

    Your story as well as your Jeri's will one day prove as an inspiration to your dd, but in a way I hope that helps to build her into a wonderful women in your mils memory!  Be strong Wren, she's there watching over as my father is us and others' theirs!