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I gave Erins husband the scrapbook.

Traci-----TripNeg Member Posts: 567
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Hi ladies,

Well, I was doing real good with the tears until they showed a letter from Erin to Kayleigh on the big screen. Then, I lost it. It was Erin telling Kayleigh to live a happy laugh and so much more and I was just sobbing. (Most of you know how I am about the kid thing!!)

I composed myself enough to walk over to Steve and introduce myself; I told him that there were about 100 other women there with me, that we made the book for them, then I started crying again. I got so upset that I didn't even introduce myself to Erin's mom!! Gawd.....guess I needed a good cry!

Anyway, it was a beautiful service and there were tons of flowers and people. I am confident now that they will appreciate us putting Erin's words into the book as they posted her words on the big screen and, her sis-in-law read from her words as well. One was very similar to how we started the book.

They flashed about 50 pictures of Erin and her family on the big screen with a happy song (can't remember which...imagine that) in the background. It was awesome.

Love you guys.


Here's the cover of her program:

 It's too big......" 


  • Traci-----TripNeg
    Traci-----TripNeg Member Posts: 567
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    I just can't figure that photobucket out!

    Sorry it's so huge....

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  • twink
    twink Member Posts: 550
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    I'm so sad.  This just breaks my heart.  Traci, you did a good thing.  Thank you for that.

  • AnnNYC
    AnnNYC Member Posts: 236
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    I'm in tears.  She was born only 7 years before my son.  Only 31.  And I was 31 when my son was born.  Sorry if I'm rambling, but it's just really hitting me, my feeling that I should have been able to give more protection to this girl...

    Traci, thank you for going to the service and for the beautiful scrapbook you made.

    Take care, and know that my fingers are crossed for you,



  • TenderIsOurMight
    TenderIsOurMight Member Posts: 55
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    Simply wonderful that you and 100 others were caring enough to attend Erin's service. It sounds like it was a heartfelt memorial, full of talking memories of Erin to Kayleigh and Steve and her family. No wonder it brought forth tears.

    I'm sure the scrape book is wonderful: one the family will forever cherish and when ready, one which Kayleigh in particular will spend much time with.

    I second twink: Traci and others, you did a good thing!


  • CalGal
    CalGal Member Posts: 2
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    Traci -

    Thank you for sharing about Erin's service ...  I can imagine how difficult it was to attend ... you want to be there, but so emotional and hard ...  How wonderful of you to put together a scrapbook.

    You are really there for so many of us here.



  • jansdaughter
    jansdaughter Member Posts: 6
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    Traci, I thot about you today.  I know it was hard for you.  You are a wonderful human being.  What you did for Erin's family will be a treasure.  Dianne

  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
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    Traci, you really did a great thing by making the scrapbook for Erin's family, especially for Kayleigh.  You really are a peach!



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Member Posts: 460
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    I didn't realize how very young she was.  damn, I'm angry at this cancer for causing so many young mothers to die.  Tracie, you are a shining light for all of us.  Thank you for being here, for making the scrapbook and for going to Erin's service.  Such a beautiful gesture on your part.  Kayleigh will treasure the scrapbook one day!

  • LisaSDCA
    LisaSDCA Member Posts: 178
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    Thank you, Traci. It was an act of love. You did good.


  • Diana63
    Diana63 Member Posts: 57
    edited March 2008

    Traci, it was so nice of you to go in person to deliver the scrap book, we never know how much it means to the family to show our respect and love at such a hard time.  (((Traci)))

  • danix5
    danix5 Member Posts: 141
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    That must have been such an emotional day for you.  I can barely remember what the heck I did the day of my best friends funeral.  She died Jan 11,07 from colon cancer.  We had lived across the street from eachother for 14yrs 5mths.  We were everyday best friends.

    For you to have helped her husband so with the memories your book will bring he and their daughter, those memories will be with them from your book for the rest of their lives.

    Let yourself cry and morn.  It is very sad and scary since you fight the disease yourself that just took Erin from the world.  It is not easy to attend any funeral but that must have been especially hard!

    Thank you for sharing with us!  Take care of yourself.  I always love seeing your beautiful face in posts here!  You are an amazing lady!


  • badboob67
    badboob67 Member Posts: 236
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    I know it was so hard for you! Thank you so much for being our "representative" and for making the scrapbook. You are such a dear heart!


  • momtothree
    momtothree Member Posts: 1
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    Thank you so very much for creating the scrapbook AND delivering it to Steve at Erin's service.

    You are such a loving and compassionate sister...thanks for being you Traci!!Smile


  • ADK
    ADK Member Posts: 752
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    Thank you so much, Traci.  You did a wonderful thing.  Thank you for representing us at the service.  Most of all, thank you so  much for putting the scrape book together. You are a terrific person.


  • Traci-----TripNeg
    Traci-----TripNeg Member Posts: 567
    edited March 2008

    Thanks everybody. It was my honor, to represent all of you wonderful ladies.

    Hugs everybody.


  • whoopsiedoodles
    whoopsiedoodles Member Posts: 224
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    Traci-thank you so much for making the book.  We are honored to have you as a sister.