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my sister in law

peace41 Member Posts: 1
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To the many ladies on this site, I want to give you a gift that was given to me today. My sister in law Theresa passed away today. She was 43 years old and had re-occuring breast cancer that spread to her lungs and liver. She put up such a fight against this monster of a disease that I was so in awe of. Instead of anger or negative energy, I have decided to honor her memory with a positive mission. She has inspired me so much with her determination and non quit approach. I hope to help someone to have faith and not let your anger take away from your loved one's example. My wife and I were there for Theresa in her most important final months. That was a gift from above that I will treasure. May all of you who are in the battles of your lives find comfort in knowing that eternal peace waits for those who believe. Keep fighting and praying and know that there are people who believe your rewards are eternal and peace comes to those who believe. God bless all.  J


  • hollyann
    hollyann Member Posts: 279
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    Peace41, Amen and amen.   Please accept my condolences for the loss of your sister in law.  May she rest in everlasting peace in the arms of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
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    my condolences to Theresa's family and friends.  Sadly, her name has been added to the List of Angels in Commemorating Loved Ones.