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For my friend Roberta on her Birthday

flyrzfan Member Posts: 199
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On October 24th 2006 I lost my dear friend Roberta to BC. Tomorrow would have been her 42nd birthday and instead of honoring her with a round of Golf this year - I will honor it with the beginning of my own chemo rounds. The irony of it has not escaped me and I pray her spirit is around to have a good laugh and a good cry about it with me. Only here can I post a message of love and sadness over a friend too young to be gone and so badly missed.


  • becca44
    becca44 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2008

    Sorry, to hear about your friend. You're right she was too young. Cancer is such a evil invasion. I'm sure your friend spirit will be with you tomorrow helping you through.

  • Dejaboo
    Dejaboo Member Posts: 761
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    I will be thinking of Roberta & You tomorrow.  I think she will definately be there with you.

  • lovelife
    lovelife Member Posts: 1
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    You are so right, she was too young.  Sometimes life throws us curve balls.....for which we are not prepared.  I know that you will keep her memory with you!

    My friend was dx on her 35th birthday, just a couple of weeks ago.  Her comment to me was...."I thought you took one for the team....WTF is going on???".

    There is no rhyme or reason....but we plug (or in your case swing) along and do the best we can.

    I am sure that she will be laughing and crying with you!

  • flyrzfan
    flyrzfan Member Posts: 199
    edited June 2008

    thanks means so much to be able to share this.

    Lovelife - I thought SHE had taken one for the team...she had that kind of sense of humor :) I'm glad you and your friend can support each other and "know" what it's like. I didn't understand how much I didn't know before I was going through it.

    Dejaboo and becca - Thank you, believing her spirit is still around is the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge some days. This totally sucks.

    have a good day all..

  • faithandfifty
    faithandfifty Member Posts: 4,424
    edited June 2008

    The sun will come up: tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar.

    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend and now for you to be following on a parallel track. What a treasure for you to share your friendship here with us..... such a legacy for Roberta to be remembered here among her sisters.

    Have you added her name to the thread here @ BCO that commemorates friends and loved ones?

    I'm sure Roberta will guide you thru your journey ahead. Her spirit will bring you comfort, solace and courage.

    Know that you are never alone. The community here stands beside you and behind you.

    hugs xx00xx00xx00xx

  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
    edited June 2008

    flyrzfan, i am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend, Roberta, in 2006. I have added Roberta's name, as your friend, to our list of angels in Commemorating Loved Ones.