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Melbourne Mum is now an Angel

downunderjane Member Posts: 1

This is Melbmum's good friend here. I just wanted to let you all know that Ruth passed away on June 30th 2008. She had a very bad two weeks prior to this date - lost sight in her eyes and then gradually lost all balance and slipped into a coma. 

She will be greatly missed by everyone that knew her. At her funeral there were well over 600 people - so that is testament to how much she affected people in very positive ways. 

I have been trying to remember what BC boards she posted on so that I could come and let you all know. If you would like to send any personal messages to her husband and boys (aged 7 and 9) I will gladly pass them on to them. 

My email address is

I too met Ruth on my message boards (I have 3 that I run) back in 2005 and she became such a dear and close friend over that time. Her sense of humour and board savvy was such a refreshing change! 

Never a day went by that I wasn't roflmao at her comments. 

I loved her very much, still do. She will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

I wish you all the very best in your own journeys and I am so very glad I was able to find you all and let you know. I have been meaning to find this board since she passed over as I knew she spent a lot of time on the BC forums and I knew you would all be wondering what had happened.

Take care, 



  • gsg
    gsg Member Posts: 1,700
    edited October 2008

    Thank you for letting us know, Jane.  Another young mother taken by this awful disease.  I'm  heartbroken for her family and friends.  I didn't know Ruth on here, but I just now read her posts.  You can see what a caring and sweet person she was.   What a tribute that over 600 people attended her funeral.  That speaks volumes and I'm sure was a comfort to those who loved her.

    What a great friend you are to try to find the boards she posted on.  Thank you, again.

  • spar2
    spar2 Member Posts: 3,631
    edited October 2008

    So sorry to hear this, thank you for letting us know.  My prayers are with her family.