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My lovely wife of 16yrs

jkc Member Posts: 3

Lost her almost 3yr battle with the beast. She passed on December 12th 2008 at the age of 37. She was diagnosed Valentines day 2006 Stage 3 HER2 pos 20 nodes pos. She was  clear until July of this year when it returned and later took her life leaving behind our 5y/o daughter. I love and miss her very much.


  • Stefanie
    Stefanie Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2009

    Words can't describe hoe sorry I am for the loss of your dear wife. There has to be a cure found for this horrible disease. I am praying for you and your daughter to find comfort knowing that your lovely wife is watching over both of you.

    My deepest sympathy


  • jkc
    jkc Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2009

    Thank you for the sympathy. There has to be a cure. It is a horrible disease.

  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
    edited January 2009

    jkc, i am so sorry to read of the loss of your wife to this disease.  My condolences to you and her family and friends.  I have added your wife to the List of Angels in Commemorating Loved Ones, in the Friends and Relatives section.


  • apple
    apple Member Posts: 1,466
    edited January 2009

    oh I'm so very sorry.

    I worry so much about the sorrow that my own passing might cause with my husband and 3 children.  I will pray that comfort comes to you and your daughter does not suffer.  I fully intend to always love my family and I'm sure your wife is loving you both with all her might and soul.

  • Linda54
    Linda54 Member Posts: 509
    edited January 2009


    I am so very sorry for the loss of your wife and your daughters mother.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 


  • Lcharmie
    Lcharmie Member Posts: 156
    edited January 2009


    I am sorry  to hear the loss of your wife--prayers for you and your families.

    Linda C.

  • Estepp
    Estepp Member Posts: 2,966
    edited January 2009

    I am sorry for your loss.


  • curlieqs
    curlieqs Member Posts: 806
    edited January 2009

    I am so sorry jkc. I will keep you in my prayers tonight.



  • Maryiz
    Maryiz Member Posts: 24
    edited January 2009

    I am so sorry for your loss.  We can't lose all of these men and women in vein, I agree with you, we really need a cure. I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy.  Praying for you and your family.  Hugs to your daughter.  Maryiz

  • TenderIsOurMight
    TenderIsOurMight Member Posts: 55
    edited January 2009

    My sincere condolences on the lost of your wife and mother of your young child. So aptly put, calling this beast what it is, one whose teeth often sink deep and no matter what is done cannot be shaken off or repaired. The last year must have been tumultuous for you and your family, and I grieve along with you for the empty deep ache felt. Someday we hope a cure...May you find healing in your own way, and always feel welcomed here as a manner in which to achieve such.


  • lexi4
    lexi4 Member Posts: 59
    edited January 2009


    I am sorry to read of the painful loss of your wife. Yes, there must be a cure found. Too many wives and mothers are being taken by this awful disease.

    Hugs and Prayers,


  • AccidentalTourist
    AccidentalTourist Member Posts: 72
    edited January 2009

    I am so sorry you and your daughter have to go through this.  With deepest condolances.  Nena

  • CAZ
    CAZ Member Posts: 94
    edited January 2009

    This is, indeed, a horrible and ruthless disease.  I am so very sorry that your family has suffered.


  • Jorf
    Jorf Member Posts: 26
    edited February 2009

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I was diagnosed on the same day and I realize how short and how long a time it's been since then. You must feel like you've been through a mailstrom. My best to you and your daughter.

  • susan_CNY
    susan_CNY Member Posts: 64
    edited February 2009

    God Bless you and your family, how sweet a husband to post here, she was obviously a very blessed woman, I wish comfort and peace for you all.  Susie

  • holligoog
    holligoog Member Posts: 10
    edited September 2009
    What Cancer CANNOT Do~
    It cannot cripple Love
    It cannot shatter Hope
    It cannot corrode Faith
    It cannot destroy Peace
    It cannot kill Friendship
    It cannot suppress Memories
    It cannot silence Courage
    It cannot invade the Soul
    It cannot steal Eternal Life
    It cannot conquer the Spirit.

    -Author Unknown

    Love & prayers~