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Please add Claudia to our angels

OneBadBoob Member Posts: 63
edited November 2016 in May Their Memory Live On

Claudia passed on January 13 after a brave battle with BC.

She was diagnosed four years ago, at Stage IV, no with no breast lumps or other symtoms just back pain which revealed bone mets.

Claudia was very active in the dog world, especially Breed Ring,  Agility and Watersports.  She was also a talented graphic artist as evident in the beautiful and dramatic CWS logo website, which she created from one of our photographs. Just last year she completed several color patches for our water certificates that will be shared this year. Claudia donated and volunteered her time to the Connecticut Nutmeg PWD Club, serving as an officer for years;  Canine Water Sports as a friend and advisor and the New York based Contact Agility Club where she was an instructor and trainer. Always willing to help out and eager to support, her spirit shall be with us whenever a paw touches the water in play and in sport.  Thank you Claudia for your years of support, your many gifts and your kindest of hearts.  Be free.  Come visit us often.


  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
    edited January 2009

    OneBadBoob, i have added your friend, Claudia Mohr to the List of Angels in the friends and relatives section.  I am so sorry for your loss.


  • OneBadBoob
    OneBadBoob Member Posts: 63
    edited January 2009