Wendy Richards...our star angel

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British actress Wendy Richard died today from metastatic breast cancer. She was 65. If you were a fan of British sitcoms, you may remember her as Ms Brahms in "Are You being Served?" Her most memorable role, though was the matriarch, Pauline Fowler, in "EastEnders."


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    Nancy , I just watched a tribute to her on TV , Wendy  was such a lovely warm lady, God Bless her and all the millions that loved her x

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    Sue, it's kind of bittersweet, but my local station that shows EastEnders is so-o-o far behind the UK that Pauline is still "alive". They only show about an hour a week and I think they're in 2002, so I'll have lots of Wendy to see.

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    Oh no!  How sad!  I loved watching her on the Britcoms!......Condolences to her family......Hugs!>..Lucy

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    Was following her story the last few months.  It sure took her fast once she went stage four.  She was a wonderful actress, and will be missed!

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    Gak, it's actually Wendy Richard (even her book title was "Wendy Richard...no 'S'"). I'm really sensitive to that now b/c I think all of the wrong headlines out there would be driving her crazy! LOL

    I've watched EastEnders since the beginning, albeit on PBS and BBC-America (when they carried it) and I've always loved WR. When I saw the headline of her death yesterday, I felt like I'd lost a family member. She'll always be Auntie Pauline to me. There are some great tributes on youtube.

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    I'm a bit late to respond, but I was sad to hear she died. As an ex-pat Brit, I grew up watching "Are You Being Served?" and had many a laugh with my family. Since she was one of the youngest on that show, I imagine that many of the other actors have also died by now. No doubt Mr. Grace has passed. I hope she has found peace now.

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    I was so sorry to hear the news.  I didn't know she wasn't well.  She was a great actress.  I loved Are You Being Served and, of course, Eastenders.