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Remembering my mom and little sis

survivorx7 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in May Their Memory Live On

Oh mom without even realising it you taught me  so much for my own journey and Judis too, you never cried (or not that we see) even when you decided not to do treatment anymore.

Your life was always tough, and looking back stress is a killer, and the beast feeds from stress.

Thank you for being my mentor, best friend, tear wiper, for sharing with me so much, courage grace love knowledge wisdom.

So long has passed but not a day goes by that I dont miss you.

Little sis

Wow 2 years already I miss getting drunk with and singing marvin or babrara streisand at the top of our voices Laughing I miss our long chats down the phone or in person.

Why couldnt this beast give you some more years, 45 is no age you never had your own children but were mom to all ourr kids your 40 plus nieces nephews.

I try not to feel guilty about getting the all clear, but I do remembering what your last letter said.

LOL only you could ppass away on the  8/2 when your birthday was feb 8th, but as your letter said i have lived 90 years in 45, and sis hun you sure as hell did.

No doubt heaven hasnt been the same since you arrived, poor mom trying to get you to behave again LOL

love and miss you both





  • hollyann
    hollyann Member Posts: 279
    edited June 2009

    What a beautiful tribute, survivor!........I too lost my mom and a sister to this beast....My sister Charity passed 2 years ago too at the age of 54......I was dx Jan 2007, and my sister Fran was dx Aug 2006, then Charity passed Sept 4, 2006......Our mother passed June 29, 1972.......My sincere condolences to you, survivor.......

  • lrm216
    lrm216 Member Posts: 534
    edited June 2009

    They are with you, Survivor, every step of the way.