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Geeta Wahi Morris

Traci-----TripNeg Member Posts: 567

Geeta (Geeta75) died today. I'm so sad......just torn up over this. Words can't describe how wonderful this girl was.

She's with Shelli now....and all the other angels we have lost.

I just saw this on Facebook:  TO ALL OF GEETA'S FRIENDS - The world is missing an amazing person today. Geeta passed away this afternoon. Her family would like to ensure everyone that she went peacefully in her sleep. Our beautiful Geeta fought every step of the way, but finally without pain and sickness forever. May God bless her in Heaven. Katie V.

Hugs through tears,



  • SandyL
    SandyL Member Posts: 11
    edited November 2009


    I just saw this.  I knew Geeta was bad, but I don't come to the board as often as I used to and I missed seeing that she died.  I'm so sorry.  I remember how broken up she was when Shelli passed away and how she shared all the details of going to the funeral home to meet with Shelli's family.  

    I'm so sorry.  I hate this $%^&* disease!