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Join the Angels Mom

BooBee Member Posts: 288

This is from the Caring Bridges site of my coworker that is fighting pancreatic cancer.  Her two adult daughters are doing a fabulous job caring for her but are struggling daily watching their mom suffer.  Bless their hearts.

I thought this was beautiful.

Join the Angels Mom

Daughters without their mother is heartbreaking enough
But God will do the right thing when he sees her suffer too much,
You will still be there to guide us in life, but just from another place,
It will be Heaven's angels who will be blessed with your loving face.

So go join the angels mom, they will be lucky to have you,
But don't forget we love you and you'll be greatly missed too
Memories of you will be nothing but fond,
Its going to be hard without you mom, but it wont be for long

I am no longer scared of death, I will no longer live in fear,
For I know that when God calls me, you'll be near,
We'll try our best to make you proud and always smile,
Even though being happy again, may take a while

Just promise to look down on us and help us in times of need,
Now go make the most of it mom, from the pain and suffering you'll finally be free.