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My Sons Support

artsymom Member Posts: 3
edited June 2014 in May Their Memory Live On

Wanted to share my id picture to show what my son did for me.  He wanted to help in his own way! I am so touched by his courage and his generosity.  What a guy!!!!  Hope this brings a smile to many people's faces.  Wish there was somewhere I could post it so everyone could see it but I guess you'll just have to check out my profile picture unless someone else has any ideas?

Have a great day! 


  • crazy4carrots
    crazy4carrots Member Posts: 624
    edited March 2010

    What a super photo, Artsymom!  Obviously, your son loves you to pieces!  But did he really dye his mohawk pink?  Gosh, that really is total adoration!

    Hugs,   Linda

  • artsymom
    artsymom Member Posts: 3
    edited March 2010

    You bet, he was in the chair for 3 hours!  He couldn't figure out how we women did all that sitting at salons on a regular basis!!!  

    He didn't see it as the same privilege we do! A chance to sit! lol 

  • wonderland
    wonderland Member Posts: 2,741
    edited March 2010

    Love the picture! Your son is awesome. Please tell him I said so.


  • apple
    apple Member Posts: 1,466
    edited March 2010

    oh that is so precious.

    what a great kid