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Cammie King

smithlme Member Posts: 383

I had the absolute honor of knowing Cammie King in a way few did. Cammie played Bonnie Blue Butler in "Gone with the Wind" and attended our local cancer support group. Cammie was a survivor of three different types of cancer and told us that she felt guilty for being at our group because she "only" had surgery for her cancers and no chemo. Cammie was an elegant woman who could swear like a sailor and make us all laugh. Cammie died this morning at the age of 76. I will miss you, dear lady...


  • Caya
    Caya Member Posts: 46
    edited September 2010

    Sorry to hear about Cammie King - She was adorable as Bonnie Blue Butler.  I had no idea she was a cancer survivor.  RIP, Cammie.

  • 3jaysmom
    3jaysmom Member Posts: 2,604
    edited September 2010

    sorry to hear sad news. what a trouper.we should all do so well, of course, i mean ME>!! light and love, 3jays