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Our New Angel, Beth (AusAla or BethAus)

marlegal Member Posts: 1,482
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Sorry to report on the one hand, but happy on the other. I don't know the exact time today, but Beth passed away a few hours ago, one day before her birthday. I can almost imagine the greeting from Watson, Saint, Kbugmom, CTG, Zaro and all our other dear friends whose names I just can't remember right now. Rest in peace Bethie.


  • Lady_Madonna
    Lady_Madonna Member Posts: 313
    edited September 2010

    Welcome home, Beth.  Peace and eternal health my sister.  

  • maltomlin
    maltomlin Member Posts: 48
    edited September 2010

    God bless.

    Mal x

  • Laurie_R
    Laurie_R Member Posts: 54
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  • coonie
    coonie Member Posts: 2,582
    edited September 2010

    RIP Beth

    ((((((((((((Family and Friends of Beth))))))))))))))

  • AnnNYC
    AnnNYC Member Posts: 236
    edited September 2010

    Beth, it was you who said on these boards to take advantage of every opportunity to meet each other in person -- a big reason why I made sure I got myself to Massapequa to meet you, and Watson, and Julie (Cuddles) who had traveled so far.  I'll never forget that day -- and your beautiful face, an amazing blend of kindness, warmth and wicked humor.  All my love to you Beth, and your family and friends (and especially the friends you have just joined -- miss you all so much).

  • sheila888
    sheila888 Member Posts: 9,611
    edited September 2010

    (((Beth's Family)))

    I am so sorry for your lost.


  • deborye
    deborye Member Posts: 2,441
    edited September 2010

    My heart goes out to her family, God Bless Them♥

    RIP Bethie, fly with the angels♥

  • deborye
    deborye Member Posts: 2,441
    edited September 2010

    My heart goes out to her family, God Bless Them♥

    RIP Bethie, fly with the angels♥

    GRITS Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2010

    I will miss you Beth. Meeting you in Mississippi and having our Bama connection was so special.  I know you and Wats are already making plans.   I pray for your family to find comfort in all the memories you shared. You touched so many lives and I will miss you deeply.

      Love , GRITS

  • faithandfifty
    faithandfifty Member Posts: 4,424
    edited August 2013

    This imperfect planet of ours couldn't hold you tethered here, Bethie.

    What a crazy wack-doodle birthday party awaits you -- just hours away, in your wholeness, with strength and surrounded by your sisters from here waiting to surprise you with heavenly hugs and harps. Golly, what must the cake look like being prepared as I type.

    You were such a voice of calm and humor in chat...... welcoming this newbie as you did all the chicken littles.

    Hearing your voice on the phone was a treasure too. You made me smile just hearing your upbeat response to all the tidbits of the day.

    Please greet our dear departed sisters, you're certainly in good company now. Watch over us & see if ya can't get that angel gang to throw some brilliant insight into these researchers. We will treasure your impact and remember you for ages.


    Strength and courage.

    Strength and courage.

    Strength and courage.

    Hugs to Mary Beth and your family & friends here remaining.

    edited, cuz it's a challenge to type thru the tears.............. 

  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975
    edited September 2010

    This is really heart-breaking news. 

    My condolences to Beth's family and friends.  Her name has been added to the List of Angels.

  • Angelice
    Angelice Member Posts: 1,116
    edited September 2010
     so sorry to hear  my condolences to the family
  • Leah_S
    Leah_S Member Posts: 1,929
    edited September 2010

    I am so sorry to hear about this. May G-d send comfort to her family.


  • candie1971
    candie1971 Member Posts: 2,467
    edited September 2010

    Beth, may the angels escort you into heaven...may our Blessed Mother be there to greet you to bring you to meet our Lord....may you be in peace with our fellow bc sisters....I will always remember you in the fun times in chat room....RIP dear sister. hugs and prayers to your family!!


  • patoo
    patoo Member Posts: 5,243
    edited September 2010

    Many prayers for family and friends.  Very sorry for your loss but another angel sits with the Father.