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RIP Elizabeth

mountainquilter Member Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in May Their Memory Live On

You were an inspiration to us all and it's just not fair that you have to leave your family.....


  • Ihopeg
    Ihopeg Member Posts: 92
    edited December 2010

    Elizabeth Edwards had such a painful life. May she Rest in Peace...

  • Drim
    Drim Member Posts: 134
    edited December 2010

    Rest in peace Elizabeth Edwards! You were a true inspiration and you've left a wonderful legacy for your kids! I'm just so saddened by this news.

  • Letlet
    Letlet Member Posts: 55
    edited December 2010

    Oh my, I saw this post and went on cnn right away and am speechless, I was just upset about the news yesterday. Rest in peace....

  • ruthbru
    ruthbru Member Posts: 46,727
    edited December 2010

    A class act, and the epitome of 'grace under pressure'. All of the world was blessed by her willingness to share her story and her example of really, really LIVING under the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Charley
    Charley Member Posts: 10
    edited December 2010

    A true inspiration of never giving up, living life to the fullest, ... a class act. Prayers for her family.

  • jessicav
    jessicav Member Posts: 59
    edited December 2010

    Bless you Elizabeth...prayers to you..

  • sunshinegal
    sunshinegal Member Posts: 67
    edited December 2010

    A friend of mine posted a snarky FB update about her (that she lived a live of extreme privilege and sold her dignity doing the book tour). Gosh, before my BC diagnosis I wouldn't have blinked at my friend's update, but tonight I was upset enough by it that I PM'ed her. RIP, Elizabeth. :(

  • Lady_Madonna
    Lady_Madonna Member Posts: 313
    edited December 2010

    sunshinegal, that's sad!  What does living a life of priviledge have to do with having breast cancer?!  It's nice that you said something.  I think she carried herself EXTREMELY well considering all she endured.  I would've been a raging b*tch if my husband put me thru what hers did. 

    I suppose it's a blessing that she's at peace.  

  • EWB
    EWB Member Posts: 592
    edited August 2013


    Dh and I had met her and John several times. She was really amazing, he was so charming, just like a politician, yet he seemed so genuine. My dh admired him a great deal and had worked w him on the campaigns.  Unfortunately, dh picked up some tips and tricks and habits from John and recently announced he (my dh) had been having an affair for many yrs.which they planned to continue (no love child that I am aware of). My dx is similar to Elizabeth's with the exception that it was discovered when it stage 4. I can not imagine what it was like for her.

    I was floored, just stunned as was/is pretty much everyone by the news of my dh's activities. I was/am gratefukl that at least I have been able to deal with all this in private. I found a new respect for Elizabeth, even more than I had before. That so much of this was played out in public, she acted with such  grace and dignity.  Elizabeth was mother, lawyer, wife to politician and public figure, very supportive of her husband, mourning the death of Wade, having 2 young children, dealing w cancer and its treatments so on and so on.  Maybe she had a life of privledge but that does not mean it was easy, and they worked very hard for all they had. 

    Perhaps she will find some peace now.

  • BMac
    BMac Member Posts: 115
    edited December 2010

    So, so sad.  She certainly had some challenges in her life and seemed to deal with them with dignity.  Privilege?  Losing a son, getting BC twice, being betrayed by her husband...doesn't sound privileged to me.

    May she rest in peace.

  • painterly
    painterly Member Posts: 266
    edited December 2010

    Rest in Peace dearest Elizabeth,

    Many of us didn't know you, but yet we identify with you with our deepest emotions as breast cancer victims.You are one of us. We are you. You touched our hearts and minds with your lack of selfishness and spiritualty that we shall remember always.


  • Lady_Madonna
    Lady_Madonna Member Posts: 313
    edited December 2010

    EWB, I'm so sorry for what you've had to go through.  I hope that you've been successful with Herceptin treatments and have many, many years of healthy living ahead of you.  I can only imagine the feeling of dealing with stage IV bc and a marriage in crisis.  I don't know how many decisions were yours to make- whether you had health insurance on your own and therefore the ability to choose to leave, or whether the realities of this disease make it necessary to stay, but I wish for you peace and the knowledge the you are loved truly and deeply by many others- even if your "D"H wasn't man enough to honor his vows. 

    Thanks for some additional insight into Elizabeth.  She truly was a Lady.  She spoke of being er+, but I always wondered if she was Her2+... do you know for certain if she was?  It's always difficult to lose a sister- and particularly one with a similar diagnosis.  

    Prayers and ((((hugs)))) for you, and for all of my bc sisters.

  • Lucy47
    Lucy47 Member Posts: 72
    edited December 2010

    What does living a life of privilege have anything to do with having we shouldn't feel sorry that once again bc has taken one of us. BC doesn't care if you have money or if your beautiful, young or old. Elisabeth Edwards was one of us and she fought til the end, her passing once again has brought awareness to bc and for that I thank her. May God bless her and help her poor family through this very sad time.

    EWB and as for your husband, he needs a good beating. You stay stronge and remember you are worth more that any bit on the side. Your battle was giving to you, you didn't have a choice ...but your husband chose to complicate his life you shouldn't have to deal with that too. Shame on him.

  • Mazy1959
    Mazy1959 Member Posts: 254
    edited December 2010

    I adored Elizabeth Edwards for her dignity, devotion to her family and her strength in handling John's affair in the public eye. I feel she has left a legacy for her children to be proud of. Rest in peace dear Elizabeth. Luv, Mazy

  • fairy49
    fairy49 Member Posts: 536
    edited December 2010

    Services are at Edenton Street United Methodist Church, 228 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 on Saturday - I don;t know if this is possible, but for people that can, send one single pink rose.


  • jelson
    jelson Member Posts: 622
    edited December 2010

     Not share our feelings apparently because the Westboro Baptist Church is picketing at Elizabeth Edward's funeral. 

    GILMOURGIRL Member Posts: 1
    edited December 2011

    i met john edwards too and even donated to his campaign..and yes he was charming and seemed so genuine...but what he did was so cruel and sure all that stress, aggravation and hurt didnt help poor Elizabeth...She was such a trooper...with dignity despite it all.

  • scuttlers
    scuttlers Member Posts: 149
    edited December 2011

    Can not believe an entire year has gone by since we lost this wonderful sister!