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Could lymph node positive survivors share their story?



  • susan3
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    finished first round of taxol yeahhhh, get a break next week :)

  • Mimidi
    Mimidi Member Posts: 48
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    Rachel I was dx 11-11-10.  Not a long term survivor but I am survivor.  Since I finished all my treatmments everything still looking good.  I got back in January for scans and some other tests.  I have to have a mammogram this Friday.

    The picture was made at Orange Beach, Alabama Oct., 2011. A friend took me down to take part in the World of Wacky Women's Walk for Ovarian Cancer.  I was 4 months post chemo.  I did manage to walk a mile.  It was so cold with the wind blowing off the gulf.  Came home sick.   

  • Kheng
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    Hi Susan!

    Most oncologists assured 10 years without recurrence for ER+

    Paclitaxel don't really work on ER+ cancer cells, as I read from UK latest research in February 2012!

    To prevent neuropathy from taxol, you should consult TCM Oncologist and take herbal medicines, 72 hours after chemotherapy!

    A lady oncologist Yap Voon Sim had succeeded a new trial on her stage 4 patient in Singapore KKH!

    Lingzhi cracked spores can stop the ER kappa signals !

    You could do the research from NIH website

    I had 12 weekly paclitaxel with Traditional Chinese Herbal drink, 3 days after chemotherapy!

    My toenails turn purple and dropped off!

    It takes nine months to renew the mother toe nail

    Take care and God bless!

    Merry Christmas!

    DX 7/2011, ER+, stage 3, Grade 3, 8/18 nodes AC x 2 cycles ; paclitaxel x 12 weekly Radiation : 50 grays
    Arimidex - 1 mg
  • Hortense
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    Kheng - I'm sorry you had to lose your nails. It's a pity someone didn't tell you that icing toenails prevents nail damage or loss during chemotherapy. Same with finger nails. I iced both and have had no problems at all. It is said to prevent nerve damage as well.

  • Gai
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    Hi ladies

    I thought I would come back again and follow up on your questions

    Hmmmm I was 38 when I was diagnosed and I am now happily 51. Laughing 

    I was on Tamoxifan for 4 years after the chemo finished.

    Lifestyle changes

    I really stepped into Meditation in a huge way.  I never thought I would be able to but I meditated every day and all the way through my chemo visits.  It was a huge support for me during that time and even more important to me now.

    When chemo finished I started practicing yoga and got up at 5.30am every morning to practice before heading off to work.   I still lurve yoga and generally do it everyday - although I have been a bit slack of late!

    I was extremely fit prior to diagnosis but as a result worked to cut stress out of my life.  That included a divorce, stepping out of a senior corporate role a few years later and living my life for me instead of living it for others.  I found stepping into the right mindset enabled me to step past merely surviving cancer and into a life I love. 

    One of the most fun thing I did was visit with a traditional healer in Bali a few years back (not Ketut Liyer).  He is an amazing man and I visit with him each time I am in Bali.  His advice the first time I visited was to look in the mirror, smile, grab my smile and swallow it - amazing how much difference it made.  


    Now I eat organic as much as possible.  I didn't so much back then as there wasn't that available.  I did juice a lot and researched and ate a balanced eating diet.  I did have wine though - not a huge amount and I barely drink anymore.  


    I wanted to do more for survivors so now I am creating resources for others to help them thrive as well and I am drafting out a book at the moment! Stayed tuned

    Stay well, 

    Love Gai

  • bluepearl
    bluepearl Member Posts: 133
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    My friend was stage 2, one positive node and only had surgery....nothing else....and is in her 6th year of survivorship and NED!

  • Tinkerbells
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  • homemom
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    bump again

  • Tinkerbells
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  • Curlylocks
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    I am a 9 year survivor of Er/pr+ bc, disgnosed at 41 in 2005. I had a 4 cm tumour, 3 positives nodes, grade 3 tumour. My treatment was a left breast lumpectomy, 23 lymph nodes removed, 6 months of chemo 4a/c and 4 taxol. I did radiation for 5 weeks, went on Zoladex injections for 1.5 years post chemo as oncologist wanted me on Armidex. I had my ovaries removed at age 44 in 2008.

    I unfortunately had a new Primary bc diagnosed in the same affected breast after being cancer free for 8 years. This cancer was discovered via the pathology from what was suppose to be a "prophylatic mascetomy" with DIEP reconstruction in Dec 2013. I had the surgery as my little voice was screaming to do it. I have/had 2 sisters diagnosed with bc in 201o and 2013. Sadly my youngest sister passed away from it in 2012.

    I was Triple Negative with my 2nd diagnosis. Luckily my tumour was 8mm but I still had to do chemo again...4 rounds of Taxotere and Cytoxan.

    Moving on again from this beast and enjoying life!

    Hugs to all us survivors:)

  • Nicole4
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    thanks for sharing Michele

  • happygran
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    I was dx in 2008 with 3 out of 24 nodes involved, grade 3 etc etc...........I'm still here enjoying life,,,,,,,no problems ( a few scares but nothing really)..........still waiting for the other shoe to drop.....hopefully it never does......

    Off to Spain for 2 weeks tomorrow...............

  • stephilosphy00
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  • Lissee
    Lissee Member Posts: 6
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    all , diagnosis icd IIA, one positive node. 2009.

    To say I was shocked and devastated is the understatement of my life. Now here I am 8 years later, no re occurrence , and bc comes to mind on occasion. It's been a road of mountain and valleys, twist and turns, highs and lows.

    I plan on being around to meet all of my grandkids and possible a few great grand babies.

    My best advice - Take control and make recovery happen. Healthcare providers are just one tool available for you to achieve recovery. You're the driving force in getting it done. Be good to yourself first and everyone else next. 👍😎

  • lou789
    lou789 Member Posts: 4
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    diagnosed april 2013 was 5 years clear last week 5 positive nodes x

  • mumito
    mumito Member Posts: 2,007
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    Hi there. 10 years since DX. With no reacurance. But must decide on if I dare to go off Tamox.

    I am living life to the fullest and a positive attitude is very helpful.

  • Marple
    Marple Member Posts: 10,154
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    1 positive node. Dx in 2006. So far so good. Was on Arimidex for 5 years. I can't remember if I have made my medical history visible here. Upon posting I see it is.

  • karen1956
    karen1956 Member Posts: 4,359
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    8 positive nodes after bilat and axillary dissection. Nodes were found to be positive during diagnosis and second round of biopsies. Diagnosed stage 3 in 2006. Quit AIs in 2010. Here I am 12 years later. My oncologist still follows me every 6 months. I eat healthy, strive to walk 15K steps/daily, maintain a good weight.

  • nowheregirl
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    2 nodes positive with a 3.5 cm tumor at dx. Now I'm 13 years out. My life has not changed one bit. I decided I wouldn't let cancer change me or my life so I still eat and do whatever I want.

  • mumito
    mumito Member Posts: 2,007
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    Well it is 2020 and I am still living life to the fullest. Traveling again inspite of covid just being more careful of flights and locations. Have been lucky no issues with Lymphadema and flying has not been a problem.

    Am presently staying in a large a Bungalow in Grenada for a couple of weeks with my family and grandchildren

  • pebblesv
    pebblesv Member Posts: 486
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    Thank you all for sharing your stories! It’s an inspiration and your examples are so motivating and uplifting. I had 2 positive nodes and am 2 years out so far... I really like checking this thread to hear of long-term successes so thank you and please keep sharing.

  • mumito
    mumito Member Posts: 2,007
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    I am now been off Tamoxifen now for a year and a half. Just had an ultrasound on my scar line but they gave me a good report 🥺it’s hard not to worry when your MO cuts you loose.

  • pebblesv
    pebblesv Member Posts: 486

    Coming back in to share that I've now reached the 5 year survivor milestone! Hope others can share their success stories too. Just got my mammogram results which say I'm completely in the clear. I did the lumpectomy, radiation, and tamoxifen which I'm still on through the end of this year. No chemo. Did not remove all lymph nodes. No lymphedema. Very few side effects from treatment.

    Hope this helps gives others with positive lymph nodes some hope that you do not need to remove all your lymph nodes and can still come out clear.