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Insight from a 15 year old

AnneEM Member Posts: 33

Hi All,

 My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis 3 years ago (after 10 years of wrong diagnosis). She is doing great and feeling fine, but she does have some residual damage that will never go away. When I told her about my breast cancer situation, she said "You have been strong for me Mom, and now I will be strong for you. And we will be strong together." And so we are. And I am very thankful for her.


  • pickle
    pickle Member Posts: 70
    edited November 2011

    What a beautiful story. She sounds like a brave and courageous young lady and I sense that she got her strength and compassion from you. You must be so proud.



  • PlantLover
    PlantLover Member Posts: 132
    edited November 2011

    First, I'm so sorry about your daughter's diagnosis!  I have a 15 year old too and I think it's wonderful that yours is being so mature!  She sounds like one heck of an incredible young woman! 

    There is much to be said for strength in numbers!  Wishing you both the best!

  • brendaks
    brendaks Member Posts: 8
    edited December 2011

    What a beautiful story!

    My daughter too had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that has now turned into an adult form of RA.  She was diagnosed at 4 years old after 6 months of searching for answers.

    I'm so glad you're daughter is doing well now, and that you have a very insightful 15-year old who can be a rock for you to lean on.

  • debbie6122
    debbie6122 Member Posts: 2,935
    edited December 2011

    Annie- I too am sorry your daughter has RA, she sounds like such a brave young girl, you are both very lucky to have each other to lean on. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    Warm hugs,