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New allergies after chemo?

Momine Member Posts: 2,845

My mother was treated with taxotere five years ago. Prior to treatment she had no known allergies. After treatment she developed a couple of food allergies.

I had taxotere late last year (finished in December of 2011), and now have what may be an allergic respiratory problem.

Does anyone else have new allergies thanks to this lovely chemo drug?


  • steelersluver
    steelersluver Member Posts: 2

    I'm interested to see the response to this.  I've only had one AC infusion so far, but had an adhesive tape allergic reaction right after and never had a problem before.  Both of my children have food allergies, so there may be some type of family-trait there already. I have had only an isolated reaction to shellfish in the past.

  • christina0001
    christina0001 Member Posts: 449

    Since starting chemo I've also had issues with adhesive tape making my skin pink and itchy. I'm over a month PFC and still having this problem.

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    I had A/C and Taxol = Dec 27, 2011 thru May 15, 2012...

    During Chemo, I developed food allergies to gluten/wheat, dairy and quite a few other things.

    Had NONE of these before Chemo.  I would have phlegm and cough my head off.  My MO didn't know what was

    going on.  Suddenly I realized when I felt like I was going to die after I ate pizza on a good chemo day, it

    was allergies.  My MO says it is rare but it does happen.

    I am going to an allergist in Sept.  Still in rads, so just couldn't handle another doctor until then.  Since staying away from

    those foods, I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months.  I am fine as long as I stay away, but it is HARD!!

  • moni731
    moni731 Member Posts: 212

    Hello! I have had a similar reaction to a lot of things. I have always had a lot of allergies, but during chemo things went crazy! I could not finish chemo or Herceptin d/t allergies. Now I'm sensitive to a lot of drugs, all adhesives except a brand called 'mepilex' ?spelling, wheat, dairy, peanuts, trees. grasses, molds, bees, cashews and so forth! Makes eating hard. I have asthma also. My doc's also did not relate it to the chemo to begin with, but now have said that yes, it was exacerbated by it.

  • Momine
    Momine Member Posts: 2,845

    Denise and amoni, thanks so much for responding. Good to know that I am not imagining things.

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    Moni731 and Momine - thanks SO MUCH for sharing.  I was feeling so alone in this.  It is so hard to eat especially at restaurants!  If I eat fruits, veggies and plain meat I am okay.  Anything else, not good.   

    I too had some trouble with adhesive tape.  They had to use paper tape on me.  It's all crazy!

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    Ladies - I am now 3 months past last Taxol and allergies are SLOWLY improving.  I am so excited.  I was able to eat a tablespoon of cheese without a crazy reaction.  I am not going to try wheat yet.  Too afraid of that one.  My Oncology NP told me to slowly reintroduce things. 

  • GramE
    GramE Member Posts: 2,234

    There is a blood test for Immuno globulins - called ImmunoCAP, which is a more reliable allergy test than used in the past.   I too had a severe (shortness of breath) reaction recently with high pollen count and went to the ER.    Allergist appointment the end of the month to go over what I already know I am allergic to and evaluate it all.   And there are 2 types of asthma -- allergic and non allergic.   You will only have asthma attacks when something bothers your lungs.    I am not a medical professional, but have "fought" allergies all my life.    

    BTW, I am allergic to foods, scrub soap, medications, adhesive tape, tree and grass pollens, pet dander, etc  and I had a reaction of hives after my last Taxol/Herceptin treatment.    

  • lumpynme
    lumpynme Member Posts: 497

    my allergies have gone absolutely nuts since i have had chemo-my PCP said that they should be diminishing because i am older and had chemo--he DID refer me to a specialist who ordered bloodwork-she agrees with me that chemo is responsible...

    i'm now on 180 allegra daily and may have to up that for a bit!

    so glad taht i am not alone in this but sorry for the others who are going through it!

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    Lumphnme - Hi - haven't talked with you in awhile.  Sorry about the allergies and chemo.  It is awful!  During and after chemo, my body was attacking everything as an allergen.  It was terrible.  Allegra helped

    a little.  I am 3 months post chemo and it is slowly getting better.  My MO said it is rare but it happens.  Years ago, I had mononucleosis and the same thing happened to me.  Immune system compromised and boom - food allergies and other allergies galore.

    Hope you find some relief.  It is just awful....

  • GramE
    GramE Member Posts: 2,234

    Had extensive allergy skin tests on Thursday.   I reacted to 42 of 48 items tested -- mainly pollen, mold - virtually every tree there is - the worst being Oak pollen, which at midnight Friday might is still itchy and red.   The allergist said he had never heard or seen such a severe reaction to it. 

    In 2 weeks I will get food allergy skin tests, as I already have strawberries, chocolate and egg whites.    And Allegra was suggested.    

  • lumpynme
    lumpynme Member Posts: 497

    i had my bloodwork drawn last saturday- waiting fir the results- taking 240 allegra and staying away from so many of the things that i love to eat...

    hoping that this will reverse itself as the chemo gets detoxed....

    gramE-OMG-chocolate????? besides coffee taht is my favorite food group!!!

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    Lumpynme - keep us posted on the results!

  • angiephnx
    angiephnx Member Posts: 2

    I developed sensitivity to the regular tape that was used during chemo so the nurses started using paper tape. Another thing that bothers me are my breast forms that I've been using in my mastectomy bras, if they are rubbing against my skin at all I get irritated.

  • xercisefreak
    xercisefreak Member Posts: 2

    I have started having awful allergies as well, just started last week.  Never have had problems in the fall, only in the Spring.  Think it must be ragweed since it is off the charts here in Tennessee.  My chest feels tight and inflamed, yuck!  Staying inside and already take Allegra year round.  I guess I will be calling an allergist for an appointment, I wondered if all this was because of chemo somehow.  My poor dog is even wheezing!

  • GramE
    GramE Member Posts: 2,234

    Food allergy tests today - besides already known chocolate and strawberries and egg whites, all eggs - yolks and whites, soy, rice and almonds are added.  Allergist is not convinced that chemo does a job on the immune system, but he is open to the idea.   He wrote a Rx for Epi Pen and says to carry at all times.    Alegra 180 is the recommended anti histamine and rescue inhaler beginning with letter V - too lazy to get up and get the full name...   

  • Mardibra
    Mardibra Member Posts: 194

    Pre chemo, I took Doxycycline for acne. Post chemo, I'm allergic to it. Red itchy welts all over. I've never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life.

  • claireinaz
    claireinaz Member Posts: 662

    I never had allergies before, but I had 12 rounds of Taxol and I feel I've been sneezing and wheezing from time to time since mid-August this year...when our sunflowers and other yellow flowers bloom.  They are everywhere.  Nose runs, eyes run, etc.

    Maybe from Taxol? 

    Claire in AZ

  • Rgreen9372
    Rgreen9372 Member Posts: 2

    Hi, Denise. I'm new to this board. Did these allergic reactions ever clear up? After my third infusion of Taxotere, I had to go to the emergency room for a reaction to a gel.infused matress that I slept on two weeks after my fourth and last infusion I had to go tonthe emergency room fir a reaction to Mango. Then last weekend I had to go again after eating pecans roasted in soy oil. I'm now afraid of every new thing I eat.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,650


    This thread has been inactive for 9 years, however, Denise is still around. You may want to pm her in case she doesn’t see this. Take care

    PS: You can see if a thread is active by checking the date of the last post. You can also see if a member has been active recently by checking the date of their “latest activity “ located under their avatar

  • Rgreen9372
    Rgreen9372 Member Posts: 2

    oh wow.thankyou!