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a space to remember our loved ones

marieibrahim Member Posts: 52

it has been a year mom,and imiss you a thousand times,i miss your smile ,your voice ,that sweet look in your eyes,there is nothing i wouldnt do for one more hug, and i ask your forgiveness for  trying so hard to keep you here with me ,when you were so tired of more fighting. i was so busy trying so didnt really listen , ipray that one day i ll make u proud   before we meet again.


  • chrissyb
    chrissyb Member Posts: 11,438
    edited December 2012

    Marie, I'm sure your mom understood why you wanted her to fight even though she'd had is like that, an understanding though no words are spoken.

    Love n hugs to you on your day of remembrance. Chrissy

  • bhd1
    bhd1 Member Posts: 173
    edited December 2012

    love means never having to say you're sorry

  • Chickadee
    Chickadee Member Posts: 469
    edited December 2012

    No disrespect but I found this post to be completely inappropriate for the Stage IV forum.

    There is a forum specifically for commemorating ones.

    Mods could you please move this.

  • marieibrahim
    marieibrahim Member Posts: 52
    edited December 2012

    it seems i ve been unthoughtful, i m so sorry it sounded that way, all i wanted to say that sometimes the disease becomes everthing we think of,instead of enjoying every moment  with our dear ones , that s how cancer really defeats us ,when we let him .

    i hope  deeply that this would be a space for every one who still feels the pain of loosing the mom or the friend to open their hearts, may be share their  sweet memories too , and let go the pain,that s what i was trying to do after all.

    bless u all.

  • K-Lo
    K-Lo Member Posts: 826
    edited February 2013

    Marie, I agree that it is good to revisit your loved one.  I think Judaism has a tradition of gathering to talk about someone every year.   I posted a thread in Stage 4 but they prefer we do it here.  here was my idea:

    How would you feel about posting about your favorite BCO friend who is gone?

    I'm not trying to dredge up sadness but to kind of visit with them by remembering what we liked about them.  I'll try to be brief.   Please follow if you like the idea.

    Zoh was everyone's friend.  She could be positive without seeming fake.  Just always pleasant to talk to.   She would tell us cute 4-year-old  Susan-isms: "I cant like that"

    Reesie, too, befriended everyone.  She lived near my NJ town.  Anyway, what I love about her is that cut-to-the-chase truth-telling that isn't rude.  She was extremely intelligent... did y'all pick up on that?    You couldn't miss it when she spoke.

    Apple.  She filled our days with every variety of ideas and news.  LOVED how she loved her special brother. 

    Ill stop for now.

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,507
    edited February 2013

    My parents spend time at the (Jewish) cemeteries of various loved ones, particularly my sister. Oy, do they talk to her, endlessly. They write notes to her too.They're a bit more low key when they visit their parents graves. They always spoke fondly of friends and family who had passed away even if it was tinged with sadness.

    I have been thinking about Kita. She was smart and passionate about helping others in the midst of her own struggles. What impressed me most was the grace she displayed at such a young age. I am twice the age she was and probably half as gracious.

    Miss you Kita!


  • marieibrahim
    marieibrahim Member Posts: 52
    edited February 2013

    i talk to her,i write to her,i go to church with her, we sit together and i imagine myself holding her hand .

    i miss that sweetness that never complained ,that courage, that heart as big as the world .

    now you ve found your peace ,knowing that eases the pain ,but dosent feel the void.

    i love you and i am grateful for every virtue i have ,is because of you. mom

  • thatsvanity
    thatsvanity Member Posts: 51
    edited March 2013

    Dear sister Kara,

    I love you so much each and every minute. I cried every day for two years gut wrenching sobbing. I'm not crying every day anymore but I miss you and I feel you and I think of you all the time in all that I do. You would be proud of me kara, I went to visit mom and I didn't bitch one time. She loves you so much too. Life is good but without your sparkle there is an open space that is filled with emotions and sweet memories but not your beautiful physical precious self. I know one day we will be together again fulfilling God's purpose for us. Your beautiful self never leaves me.

    Love always your sister,


  • marieibrahim
    marieibrahim Member Posts: 52
    edited March 2013

    mom,it is the first day of spring ,its mother day here and i am dying,

    world was worth living in when you wre here shining into my life with  your sweetest smile and your warm heart,nothing mattered when you were here ,nothing would ever be the same now you re gone, i miss you.