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Does burning underarm pain always mean node involvement?

PRB1956 Member Posts: 401
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I am waiting for my lumpectomy surgery on the 21st. The tumor is small 7 mm and my doctor's don't think it has spread. The ultrasound showed clear nodes. However, and it's a big however to me, I have had burning and swelling under my arm since this all started (August). It's because of the burning that I went in for my overdue mammogram.

My question is this.. did anyone here have burning underarm pain and NO node involvement? I sure hope so.

Thank you in advance. This board is amazing..maybe too amazing. There is so much information here that I can't seem to find enough time to read it all!


  • Optimistictraveler
    Optimistictraveler Member Posts: 25

    Not sure it has any connection. I had node involvement, but no pain. In fact, I believe most BC node involvement is painless. Probably they will do a sentinel node biopsy when you have your lumpectomy. If those sentinel nodes are clear (there are only a few), then the other nodes further up the line will be clear.

  • PRB1956
    PRB1956 Member Posts: 401

    Thank you for that reply. I am very worried that this burning means it's spread, even though I can't find any information to back that up. The doctor's are puzzled at my burning. The burning gets better when I lie down or stand up...which of course I interpret that it drains better and eliminates the pain.

    Thanks again...just hearing one positive voice has helped.

  • laura11103
    laura11103 Member Posts: 4
    Sorry I don't have the same experience but wanted to wish you well... I remember only to well that niggling worry about the lymph nodes... when I had my MRI the radiologist called and told me its probably nothing but the right lymph node was a little "different" but it was probably due to the trauma from the biopsy... but he wanted to let me know why it was on the report... I couldn't get that nagging worry out and told the surgeon to make sure I got that info ASAP after surgery... I knew they would have the preliminary results from the frozen section... and just as I asked, when I was just barely conscious after surgery... the first thing I heard was "Laura... you did great... the nodes are negative" and it was the best news I ever heard... I don't even know who gave me that info but I didn't care, that person was my angel... lol...

    Anyway, you will probably get the same results but just know you are totally normal to worry and it will be fine, either way, if there is involvement you will also be fine, just means treatment (that's what I constantly told myself), thank goodness for treatment!
  • new2bc
    new2bc Member Posts: 252
    Hi PRB1956,

    I had some burning feeling that lasted a few moments under my arm. When I first met my breast surgeon, I told her about the burning. She asked me if the burning has started after the biopsy. I was not sure. Before my diagnosis, I did not pay too much attention to any feelings such as pain or burning. I was not sure if I had the burning feeling before the biopsy. Did your burning feeling started after the biopsy or before? After my surgery, I found out my lymph nodes were clear. I hope the same is true for you and your surgery goes well. Can you please update us to let us know what happened? I was always curious what that burning feeling was. Take care.
  • PRB1956
    PRB1956 Member Posts: 401

    Hi new2bc. My burning started in August... almost 2 months before my biopsy. I was overdue by 7 months for my mammogram and it's because of the burning that I eventually went in. The day before it started, I had cleaned the exposed rafters in my basement ceiling (can you say cobwebs?) and was hopeful that I had just hurt something. It took about 2 weeks for it to feel better. I then played tennis didn't hurt.. so I thought I was good to go. A week later I played catch with my daughter and the burning returned. I then scheduled my mammogram, and the rest is history.

    Every doctor I mentioned this to said burning is usually a good sign and not a sign that the cancer has spread. I don't know if they are just trying to give me hope, or are telling me the truth. At this point...I'm hoping it's just some sort of nerve damage. The weird thing is...after my biopsy, the burning actually went away for a couple of weeks...only to return once and awhile.

    On top of all this, I'm having gallbladder problems. So between the pain from that and the burning under my arm, it's hard to not think that something horrible is going on. Oh..and my daughter came down with a bad cold yesterday and I am 9 days away from surgery. I hope I don't catch it.

    All I can do now is pray my nodes are clear .. I could really use some good news!

  • new2bc
    new2bc Member Posts: 252

    I had the burning feeling last week on my left side in the breast area. I had double mastectomy 10 months ago and only my left side had IDC (stage 1b). It went away later. I mentioned it to my oncologist but he did not have an answer for it. I hope yours is nerve related and has nothing to do with the lymph nodes. Talk to your doctor and see if it is a good idea to have the flu shot before your surgery. Also ask him if you can take Emergen-C now because your daughter is sick. I know you do not want to reschedule the surgery date. Please let me know what the outcome is after the surgery since I am still wondering about the burning feeling.
  • msphil
    msphil Member Posts: 185
    hello sweetie, I had node involvement and it had not spread to other parts(Praise GOD),msphil(idc,stage2, 0/3 nodes, L mast, chemo and rads and 5yrs on tamoxifen) and a 19 yr SURVIVOR (Praise GOD) PS I did have underarm soreness, not pain though, each of us is differnent though.
  • nanaof10
    nanaof10 Member Posts: 1

    hi. I havent went to the Dr yet but i started haveing a burning feeling under my right under arm and if i push on it it kond of releaves the pain. Its not a constant it comes and goes. Once in awhile i get a strange feeling in my breast i know i should go to the Dr. But am a little scared. I have no lumps that i can feel or see

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,888

    nanaof10, a burning feeling under your arm could be a great number of things. Best is to go visit your doctor to get it checked out!

  • kicks
    kicks Member Posts: 319

    There are a multitude of possilities as to what is going on! No one here can tell you what is.

    You need to see your Dr(s) to find out - only medical personnel with access to to any appropriate tests/scans can give you answers.

    As this is an older (almost 3 yrs) with no activity, you might get more replies if you start a new thread.

  • denise-g
    denise-g Member Posts: 353

    PLEASE get it checked so you have peace of mind!!

  • Janney03
    Janney03 Member Posts: 3

    I had burning pain in both breasts and armpits. However, I only had invasive Tubular in my right breast. After surgery the burning quit in both breasts but I would still get it in the left armpit at times. My Doctor said my mammogram was clear and thought it was nerve pain.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,070

    As posted above, this thread has not been active since 2013 - with the exception of a couple of posts to let people know if isn't active.